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who has the best recommended product reviews
John, I find Atkinson's measurements very interesting and valuable, as I did with those in Audio Magazine. I compare his test bench results with the subjective reviewer's opinion of the unit being reviewed, to learn what kind of distortion that re... 
Multiple "sales" of EAR 324?
Well, it took two weeks, but Paypal credited my account the full amount, saying they had recovered the money from the seller. Now I know what to look for. Speaking of which, there is a new listing for an SME V Magnesium for $1100, the buyer having... 
Best $10 spent on music...
Yep Rock IS a great label, also putting out Nick Lowe's albums. Lots of sales too, as Slaw says. 
Genalex Gold Lion KT-77 Compatibility Question
Does your amp have bias trim controls? Sounds like the right channel bias is set too high. 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
I take it back! My number one knock-out was hearing a Decca cartridge for the first time. The immediacy, the presence, the dynamics, the color! Makes all other cartridges sound like pale ghostly apparitions. 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
1970: ESS Transtatics, 1972: Magneplanars Tympani I-U's, 1974: Fulton Model J's. All speakers. 
Your three favorite audio dealerships?
I just found this thread, and as they say better late than never! This is an easy question for me to answer: Walter Davies, before he started the Last Company with his record preservation products, had a retail Hi-Fi shop in Livermore, CA, named A... 
What Am I Missing
Did you buy the new cartridge from a dealer? He should have asked you what it was going to be plugged into, to insure compatibility. If you did, see if he'll let you exchange the cartridge for one with higher output. 
GR Research / ACA LS9 Opinions Please
Are the crossovers any good?! Danny Richie is one of the masters of crossover design working today. He is hired by other speaker companies just to design the crossovers for their speakers. If you go to the GR Research website and ask, an LS9 owner... 
Phono amps or stages for high-output cartridges?
Oops, should read "high-output one" on the last line, obviously. 
Phono amps or stages for high-output cartridges?
I hate to think of being without Fremer's coverage of all things phono, both in Stereophile and on Analog Planet. And as much as I like having his reviews, his phono section ones are of little value to a high-output cartridge user. Phono amps are ... 
Phono amps or stages for high-output cartridges?
Halcro's suggestions reminded me---I should have included price considerations. The Ypsilon is worth more than my entire modest system! But thanks guys, I'm now inspired to dig into this deeper myself. Phono amp design is one where the measurement... 
Electrostatic speakers and low volume resolution
Roger Modjeski of Music Reference/RAM Labs is making an ESL speaker that is direct-driven, but it's not cheap. He is also a proponent of low-power amps/high-sensitivity loudspeakers. 
Electrostatic speakers and low volume resolution
I just found this thread, and can certainly relate. I'm "only" 64 (!), but from playing drumset in bands since I was 14 and attending who knows how many live shows, I now have mild tinnitus and high-frequency hearing loss. I also am a long-time el... 
Multiple "sales" of EAR 324?
Thanks Ray. You can't request a reimbursement (after having already filed a claim with Paypal) until five days after the Paypal transaction, to give Paypal a chance to contact the seller for a response. I'll do that tomorrow.