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Recommend a 6922 input tube for CJ Premier 140
The Matsushitas were made in Japan using Amperex equipment. 
Are there new players with HDCD?
I had an Onix XCD-88 (Music Hall clone) that decoded HDCD. Great piece for the price. 
12ax7 tubes can be enterchanged with xxx tubes?
5751 should work fine. 12AT7 might work. I wouldn't try 12AU7.I like the 1950s GE and RCA 3 mica black plate 5751s. 
I need a lower gain 12au7 for Mastersound
Try a pair of RFT 12AU7s. 
what is doing Arnie Nudell?
I believe that he is doing better. He IS actively involved in developing a new speaker with Mark Schifter of av123, but it will be a new brand. I think they are hoping to have a sample available at RMAF. 
rothwell attenuators..effect on sound?
Paul,The price difference would be small, if any.Send him an email. I found him to be very responsive.It looks like he has changed to a slightly different exterior since I bought mine.I continue to be quite sastified with them.Regards,Brady 
rothwell attenuators..effect on sound?
I bought the comparable goldenjacks attenuators on eBay and did not notice any difference other than the lower volume level. Made my volume control much more effective. Very high quality construction for less than the Rothwells. Search goldenjacks... 
Best speaker that you dont need a sub under 1.5k
Soliloquy 6.3I have a pair if you are interested. 
DVD / 5 channel receiver combo
Arcam has a new one also. 
Thanksgiving to THOMAS EDISON
Tesla made many contributions, yet goes widely unrecognized. 
Onix Speakers
You might want to check out the forum. They are obviously biased, but you should be able to find several reviews of the x-ls.I own the Unix Ref 1s and have never heard the x-ls. However, I doubt that you can find a better alternative at ... 
Best I pod docking bases
Check out the Monitor Audio unit on for $149. Bypasses the iPod's crappy DAC. 
One-upsmanship, best cd transp/player $800
Another vote for the modified Onix/Music Hall players from Underwood HiFi. I really enjoy my Level 1+ XCD-88. 
Awesome new "Kind Of Blue" Redbook CD reissue
Mine is also dated 1997. 
Warmer sounding CD Players?
Why not try a tube amp, like the Onix SP3? I am running a level 1+ mod Onix XCD-88 (related to your Music Hall) through the SP3 with great results.