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Keith Jarrett on the importance of audio sound quality
Thanks for sharing. Great read. Glad to see attempting to reach audio nirvana isn't any simpler for Jarrett than any of us. 
Best room treatment
Bottom line I ended up with different brands, and they all work together just as well as a single brand. And that way you get more and maybe better options. 
Best room treatment
From my own experience, I started out with GIK. Some of their recommendations were spot on, like bass traps in each corner but I opted for the limiter versions (doesn't absorb anything over 500 hz) which I don't regret at all. However their recomm... 
If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?
Montreux, Switzerland. Early 1970, Led Zeppelin launching Led Zeppelin II album. Page had longer hair than Plant! I was 15 and a half yrs old, my first out of town concert, my dad had to accompany me in order to go. Simply awesome, Bonham did a dr... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
This thing is so slow to post, I thought I had to do it over. Oh well. 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
1. Fran├žoise Hardy2. Sonja Kristina3. Kate Bush 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Fran├žoise HardySonja KristinaKate Bush 
Sound Absorption Behind and Between the Speakers?
I ended up adding two absorbing panels behind my speakers and it allowed me to fully open the rear port on my sierra raal towers from ascend acoustic. Without the panels I had to use a partial plug that blocked the outer diameter of the port becau... 
House buying and the aspiring audipihile
I am outside of Austin. Arguably one the best town in the country for music. Big reason for which I made it our retirement home. And now with my new house of stereo it pretty much sealed the fact that we will end our days here. 
Downside to "revealing" system?
Try the Puffin, wide range of adjustments perfect for tweaking the sound of poorly sounding records. It's the only reason I have one as my second phono preamp. 
Why are speakers rarely satisfactory?
I love my current speakers and have zero desire to upgrade. Now, cables, fuses and such are another matter :) 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Being new to reading this blog, I never had the chance to read anything from Al. The outpouring of love towards him tells me how I missed out. Wishing Al, Margaret and their families the strength to handle this crisis with courage. 
Woofer pumping possibly due to tube amp when playing vinyl
Unless you play your vinyl at 120 db :) 
Woofer pumping possibly due to tube amp when playing vinyl
I use a TTW audio outer ring extreme V2, made in Canada. Extremely efficient and much less expensive than the VPI outer ring. That being said, once again, I don't believe that's your problem since I have never experienced the woofer pumping you de... 
Woofer pumping possibly due to tube amp when playing vinyl
It's obviously not warp vinyl. Something is seriously wrong with your setup. Good idea to start at the cart alignment and go up the chain from there.