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Power amp recommendation for Harbeth 30.2s
Just get the H390 or H590 and be done with it! Very little else compares - believe me - thst’s what I’ve got!Want better? Get yourself a AFC 5se (or better) preamp and a Bryston or Benchmark or Parasound Halo amp.Harbeths never sounded better - ever! 
Harbeth 40.2A - LFD NCSE Mk3 and Hegel H590 Compared
Yes... informative review... Have you tried the entire H590 system (the DAC, Preamp and Amp)? It’s great with the 40.2’s, or 30.1’s. And... better justifies the investment in the H590. I use the BNC digital connection with the Bryston BDP3 player,... 
Spatial Audio open baffle speakers, who has them? Worthwhile change from Maggies?
If you want to add sparkle to any speaker you need these: got them for my Harbeths, and several other speakers... and... they do the job very well.  Though, they are a bit pricey... but... worth it. 
What tube amp for Harbeth 40.1
That is... if... you keep your Harbeths.Given your preferences - if you want to try tubes, you might find you prefer the sound of the Proac D2's driven by the Line Magnetic 518i, or similar.  That combination is closer to what you describe you pre... 
What tube amp for Harbeth 40.1
It all depends on the type of sound you prefer: softer, warmer, less dynamic sound, or crisp, clear, dynamic sound. If you like the sound of the JBL’s you noted, you’re not going to get that with any Harbeth driven by a tube amp. The closest you m... 
Speakers which always sound good
Have to agree with a couple of your responses...The Harbeth M30.1’s or 30.2’s with the Hegel H390 integrated amp.Or... a pair of one of these, if you have room size and location limitations - because they’re omnidirectional. 
Wanting to get back into the hobby and want to start with the speakers.
I got several of these and had several others - all are great, so you really can’t go wrong, with most of your choices. And there is not a huge difference in the sound of your top choices. It’s more of a function of your space and your budget, bec... 
Upgrading to a Hegel H590
They also sound great with the McIntosh MA252 and MA352.  But these are not tube amps.  They are tube / SS hybrid amps with sufficient power to control the drivers of the Harbeths to add the clarity and resolution they cann present... IF... they'r... 
Upgrading to a Hegel H590
Yes... Harbeths are special when driven by the H590, or the H390, H360, H300.  They need the power these amps produce to control their drivers, and add clarity and resolution to the sound.  Their high damping factor really clears up the bass and m... 
What is the Best Amp.... to Mate With the Townshend Allegri Preamp?
I can't believe the best active preamps are inferior to the Allegri Passive Preamp.... 
What is the Best Amp.... to Mate With the Townshend Allegri Preamp?
They look very simple and unsubstantial...  Are they? 
What is the Best Amp.... to Mate With the Townshend Allegri Preamp?
I don't believe anyone has one... or... has one they think is worth comment. 
Danny Richie "fixes" the Linkwitz Arion loudspeaker
@russbutton Me too... The only thing I might like better is the LX521, because its bridge helps tame the bass and prevents vibration transmission to the mids and tweeters.But... there are still few speakers that can match the later Orion's, for... 
What amp to match with Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire open back speakers
Agreed - they sound awfully grand with the Linear Tube Audio amps! 
What tube amp for Harbeth 40.1
"Me thinks you're beating a dead Harbeth..."  Move on...