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How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
You are sonicaly in pursuit of the  "EARGASM"  and like all other 'gasms' it is totally a personal and internal even.  Think of it as a light hallucination of joy that usually brings forth pleasant memories, or something that.  Beyond this there a... 
What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?
KPFA, KSAN  San FranciscoKZAP, KHIQ   SacramentoXERB Mexico (Wolfman Jack) 
One big reason why brick and mortar high end audio dealers struggle.
The world has changed.  Several years ago I realized the retail high-end hi-fi was destine to become either the domain of the Interior Decorator or the Web.  I don't need to explain the web part, folks with some knowledge are educated sufficiently... 
why do so many discussions turn contentious?
Could this be more about the characteristics of personal belief than of science?  The same basic issues of religion and empiricism? 
Guys, this is part of the issue I am asking about in my other thread...
You might consider that the mains power socket that you are using, assuming you are in US domestic residence is generally rated by your city's Electicial Code is 15 amps, do you really  know what you are doing here? 
How much difference does a phono preamp really make?
First, in any chain of events the first stage is the most effectual in performance, all errors are magnified from that stage on.Second, the relationship between the cartridge and the phono electronics is as tricky as that of the amplifier to speak... 
Fraud and scam, how many of you are victims?
I would like to offer an alternative perspective of this problem set you are discussing.  I am a small boutique designer and manufacture having done limited sales over the years.  I retired from the audio community having designed and manufactured... 
So done with audiophile fuses
"Fascinating" as Mr. Spock would say.  This is one of the edges of the Audio-World, the precipice of one's great leap of personal faith.  
What phono preamp are you using?
I use an Austin Audio Works Black Swan.  Detail, resolution, low noise, but two extras I found useful.  Cartridge loading from the front panel so I can change in while listening, has continuous R and step[ed C.  My Koetsu got better when loaded up... 
Speaker terminal polarity
Your question about absolute polarity is important.  In an ideal world a recorded kick drum when hit will cause the air to move toward the listener.  This will happen if phase integrity is maintained throughout the audio chain.  The audible effect... 
Phono stage question
The real question is " WTF is going on here?If you step over the line and become an audiophile then all the rules upon which you base your life. . . change.  Audiophilism  is like drugs. And a cult.  Both are a chase of a better illusion, a more p... 
Phono stage question
A buddy of mine got a 'Black Swan" for $1,500, says it blew away his $13,000 Pass Labs.  I will hear his system soon and know more more. 
rule of thumb: how long do you leave a tube preamp on versus turning it off then back on?
But does not excuse my typos and spelling. 
rule of thumb: how long do you leave a tube preamp on versus turning it off then back on?
Consider that most failures, tube or solid state, occur when turned on.  This is do to the physical distortion inside the devices as they heat up.  In both cases it is due to thermal expansion and contraction in the material that are heated.  I re... 
Looking for a new phono preamp
Black Swan - $1,500