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Best Server To Run Roon Core
I'm tempted to buy a NUC and set up Roon with my server. The subscription fee turns me off with all of the others I am currently paying for. Maybe it's time to save for the "Life" option if it is still available. 
Spotify HiFi
Spotify offers nothing (for myself) that I don't already have with Tidal or Qobuz.  
Recommendations for modern integrated with tone & balance controls other than Mcintosh
And.....what exactly is wrong with McIntosh? 
Teac NT-505 on Closeout by Walmart
I've had one for nearly a year and use the balanced output to my MA8900. I use it with my streaming services (Tidal/Qobuz) as well as my server. It functions very well and the DAC is better than the DA1 module in the McIntosh. I am using the Lumin... 
Using HDMI in on a McIntosh DA2 Digital Audio Module ?
Who's the guy in Milwaukee? Got a link? 
A system for my college-bound daughter
+1 Kenjit! 
FTC may end amplifier rule! ACTION NEEDED
There's gotta be a Global Warming angle to this...Damn you Greta...Damn you! 
JBL 4349 or Klipsch Cornwall IV
I own L100's and love them. They replaced a pair of Cornscalas which for my listening area were just too damn big. Can't really say anything about the Cornwall IV or the JBL 4349 but I have owned Heresy II before and the L100's hammer out Classic ... 
Why so many angry audiophiles?
Has "politically correct" killed the used audio market?
Political Correctness has killed much more than the used audio market....that much is absolutely certain. 
Pass Labs x250.8 vs tube amps
No offense...this is when I believe being a mere mortal financially works to my benefit.  
Wanting to get back into the hobby and want to start with the speakers.
A year ago I was looking to do the same as you. I ended up buying for my own taste - Classic Rock, Blues & R&B. The combination for my 60 year old ears (with 53% HF Loss corrected with hearing aids) was McIntosh 8900 Integrated with a pair... 
Which integrated amplifier .
Sorry to hear of your condition. Have strength, have courage and above all have faith.  
Audio tax write-off
If Trump only has to pay $750 in tax for 2 years, then I feel it is only right to be able to write off a $10,000 pair of speaker cables. Remember, they make the sound better!I am NOT Donald J. Trump, but I approved this message anyhoo. 
Do Audiophile Cables Matter? Here's PROOF!
And......if you wear a foil helmet the signal is even better!