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Is Vinyl Worth It
If you have to ask then....no!,,,:-) 
On the draining of resonance.....
don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain Dorothy!...;-0 
Joule Electra Amp Repair
Unfortunately, the best guy out there is in Upstate New York!I believe the town is Livingston but you can still call J.E."s number for full info...I did and he performed great work on my Marianne Edition preamp and phono amp. 
Lars had a stroke.
Good man! wishing a speedy and full recovery! 
Stone body Koetsu on Reed 2A
Started there with a Coralstone...Now with a 3p. Even better! 
Review: Von Schweikert Audio VR55 Aktive Speaker
Joe,I am so happy for you!Yet you have now put me in a strange position...:-)Either i wait till you will me your pair or let curiosity get the better of me without surrendering "our" one off little sister!!Your patience and beautiful set-up has no... 
Equitech vs Furman Balanced Power Conditioner
Hi mm622,First off...There is no "sound difference"!They are both doing the fundamentally same job BUT i feel the Equi-tech is better constructed with higher grade parts...that said, note, THEY'RE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FOLLOW THROUGH IS HORRIBLE!!!... 
Power conditioner
They have one of the best still active on they're products list!Another to consider is the Accuphase...Good luck!Azjake 
esoteric products
good point zd542! I just feel the combination of losing key marketing and a7r people, along with "lukewarm'acrediting of Esoteric may spell bad times ahead for those thinking of purchasing or about to try and sell this brand! 
esoteric products
Zephyr24069,The Onkyo comment was just to stress how aggressive Gibson is going after both the home and pro markets...Nothing incendiary suggested!My comments, together with Jon2020 may culminate as to why the "ebb and flow" have recently been mor... 
Has anyone noticed...
You got it right!! 
Storing tube gear
Actusreus,I would be more concerned with the "climate controlled" storage!If you have a safe way to get them there and box well then there should be no problem...HOWEVER, some of these storage spaces that are claiming to be "climate controlled" ar... 
What are your favorite speaker finishes?
Both by Tidal Audio....Pyramid stepped mahogany and Madagascar Ebony gloss! 
mMarantz 2325 help
Thanks Rich! I will...:-)Thanks to you too Swampwalker...Your no stranger to me on this forum!!ZD542 ...Fair point though that sub section was upgraded [as far as possible...] as well but i think you have a point!Thanks guys!jake 
Another hearing loss thread
Ahem brother audiophile!Azjake