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Clear audio professional or klaudio record cleaner
Thanks to all for your contributions!Think that, although Chinese unit appears to be well built,with no distributor in USA one problem or part needed would entail a long "adventure"!...:-) 
Beware Olive owners
Thanks for sharing! That is also what AUDIOGON was/is about! 
Power cords for vintage gear
As usual, Albert is correct though i might add plugging into a surge protector so any shorts are a hit taken by the strip, not your vintage equipment! 
Joule Electra
Dohanian,Please contact LEWIS 441 who is a friend and a member in fine standing on this site!He has a buddy who was very close to Jud and his wife and has extensive personal repair knowledge of these units and the parts to do so!I sold Him my Prea... 
Carbon Fiber Brush with Milty Gun?
rinse, repeat! 
Some Musical Truths
"If you'll be my Dixie Chicken I'll be your Tennessee Lamb"Little Feat: 
Go with what Jwpstayman told you...Those two items should be checked FIRST by doing BOTH at the same time!I have a feeling all other suggestions, though admirable, will not be necessary.Good luck! 
Auditorium A23 Record Mat?
my apologies...I meant going up to the Homage... 
Auditorium A23 Record Mat?
Hi,There is one on the Canuck Audio site as well as others under a search so i do not know why you are having trouble?I see that you sold one for $75.00 i believe but now they are $95.00.As for the step up to Amedaus: not sonically worth the step!... 
Need a subwoofer reccomendation.....
I agree with high bouncer...You have a beautiful vintage MUSIC system and should add a modest "musical" sub!REL shows up often on the Gon and mostly because people are going higher in the brand's range...A little patience and barter and you will w... 
Esoteric Grandioso P1/D1
Hi,As the owner of the po-1,do-1,GorB clock system for four years i too had much anticipation for the new Grandioso line but balked at another 4 [or5!] box system...Much of what has been learned by Esoteric in those last years are present in the K... 
Which do you feel ...
Viridian...You crack me up!...:-) 
I am going to build a listening room
HAVE I GOT A THREAD FOR YOU!!!...:-)"The Thread has been listed for the last i don't know how long on one man's "over the top, "step by step journey just above this post!! 
Bad news for audiophiles?
Sounds like worse news for those oenophiles that listen to their rigs!Choices,choices...Azjake 
How much does your system retail for?
WAAAAY too much!!...:-)