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Synergistic Red Fuse ...
with all due respect to ny fellow Goners it is indeed a real result that is happening, not just snake oil or as easy as flipping around a fuse set!My vote after many trials of such products is the Telos Audio line as well as they're other EXCELLEN... 
Glen Frey has passed ...
Glen was a fantastic guy and a most capable musician but he was a founding member of the Eagles not THE Eagles!As much as I agree here with all of you ( and perhaps in recent years the pain of several severe ailments) made him petty as to financia... 
If you won the power ball tomorrow night would you
God love ya taters!!Always thinking!...:-) 
What's the greatest bargain in audio racks these days?
Spoiler alert!I am selling my one of a kind Billy Bage racks here on the Gon...Seems to fit your checklist quite well, just saying...:-) 
When rap came out 30 years ago I thought it was just a fad
I think low rider pretty much nailed it!typical formula:inner city "club" format that crosses over,then adopted by the suburban kids and then the ad companies swoop in and extend it beyond any real musical influence it ever had ! 
Just me or what?
But maybe it should be!,,,:-) 
Be honest please
"Be honest please"... Ok, the truth is that several people on this site have looked down their noses at people who " rummage" up a bargain!Why I do not know as several here have said....What,to me, is more likely to be offensive are the ones that ... 
Oklahoma eBay seller "mediaworks-okc" Bryston DAC
Nuff said!LOTS of shady characters on the GON over my 13 years!Some excellent techs too but you will never receive a nickel if you sell it for the work done! Add the voided warranty and it just does not make financial sense!Good luck, Azjake 
Is it ok to buy a 20 yr old line conditioner from
Is it ok??? Sure! but you get what you pay for and this is where your system's electricity feed starts!Save up some more modest funds and get yourself something recent and it will be "lightyears" better! 
Atomic clock m10
Thanks for the help Zephyr24069! 
Esoteric K-03 X - mechanical problems w tray
Evening Gary! Just fell into this post while looking through a list for another Esoteric question...I just purchased an Esoteric K-01X...YIKES!...:-)I notice that you have always been very helpful to us here on the forums and feel bad you had to e... 
DCM Surroundscapes
Honestly, the last two or three years this site's members seem to think that EVERYTHING should be 59% off or less!Good luck with your classic! 
Tidal speakers in 2015
They are better then ever before!Ditto for their equally as unique electronics!They aren't going anywhere but up.Just look beyond our shores to Europe, Asia and beyond.They really don't even target the USA because they do not HAVE to! 
Million Dollar Speakers?
Lots of pretty words!NO FACTS...:-) 
Phono section of Doshi Alaap 2.1 - how good-
I reviewed both and went for the Doshi stand alone...Nuff said.