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Holo Audio Kitsune level 3 Dac...Help!!
Thanks guys...I'll try!...:-) 
Greatest Rock Drummers
The late Richie Hayward of the immortal band LITTLE FEAT! 
Sister's wants music system without the hassles!
Thanks to all so far for taking the time to answer👍 
Elation imposters!
radni,The poster Psag is right!There is no reason you can't...If you have a well constructed cable the only caveat would be as to how the terminations were affixed.If by hand [such as Refine Ultima Musica etc.] it is easier but if by machine then ... 
Elation imposters!
First off...It was JULY 6th.!Guess your misplaced anger got the better of you!Secondly, the "on several websites referred to the subject being discussed on different sites, not YOU being on several different sites, again your misplaced anger i sup... 
Elation imposters!
Funny how it seems you are defending this "cdrc" person so heavily... Just as his three ads appear on Audiogon!i am glad that your purchase was authentic but reading several forum posts on different websites it has become a trend...That is why Joe... 
Elation imposters!
The terminations/connectors are marked into the metal... 
Curious .. What is the compared price of your tt vs spkrs
My entire analog rig [tt,tonearm and cartridge] is 63K...Speakers:$250k retail...So about 25% analog to speakers. 
Too many cans with no storage!
Thank you all, even the ones who were busting my chops...:-) Thanks Pokey 77 for the great read but God help me if i ever had THAT much headphones and equipment, i'd be homeless! 
Sellers Beware!!!
You have described to a "t" my exact experiences!I wrote on this subject on the Forums and got a load of "righteous Indignation" from some politically correct types...This just proves my points laid out exact;y!Thanks for posting your opinions as ... 
What happened to the "club atmosphere" of Audiogon?
Love it Syntax!:-) 
Linear Tracking Turntables - Best??
Foe the cost/performance equation:Kodo "the beat" and it's Schroder pivoted linear tracker is quite interesting... 
Questionable service at Soundsmith
Inna, that was horrible of you to say!Cold,callous and indifferent!These people are NOT machines and should be treated with dignity in ANY case!Perhaps YOU should submit to "retyping" starting with your head! 
Do 180g vinyls sound better or is it a myth ?
I think a 180G record and a 180G vinyl sound just the same... 
Now Keith Emerson is gone...
Like Rush and Yes and Supertramp they were master musicians who's improvising and solidity as a group was astounding to see live!I feel like my youth has all but lost it's heroes!