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speaker cables for Wilson Sophia
Since Albert Von Schweikert patterned his speakers after Wilsons, you may find his cabling a good match. I've heard them in his rooms, and they are very good.I've heard Wireworld Platinum Eclipse with WP8's. Very nice indeed! 
Still lost at sea?
I remember when I first got back into this hobby after a twenty five year layoff, I couldn't believe what had happened in the area of cabling, power conditioning and room correction. Back then, you bought some equipment, made a quick trip to Radio... 
Big haul at local record show
OK, am I the only one who thinks you said that the cover of "Sticky Fingers" was "beaten" to be tongue in cheek? Was it beaten with the zipper down? 
Top 5 Hamburgers
I think it's that the grill gets seasoned at Fatburger because they also cook bacon on it. I had my first Fatburger (a double King cheese egg bacon chilli with everything on it) in 1978 when I was working delivering furniture for Levitz. The drive... 
If you wanted to impress someone, which track?
I'm all vinyl these days; but when I had an SACD player, there was an acoustic guitar (no piano!) version of "Candle in the Wind" on the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road hybrid that was added as a bonus track, and never failed to impress. 
Recommended acoustic recordings
Alexi Murdoch, or just the soundtrack to "Away We Go", which is 90% Alexi Murdoch. 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Thanks Bongofury. Always wanted to visit Seattle. 
If you wanted to impress someone, which track?
Something from my first pressing copy of the Doobie Bros "Minute By Minute" has slacked a jaw or three.I find that older uber familiar tracks that the subject has heard countless times via radio waves (but probably has never owned in ANY format) h... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
OK, since we've gotten thoroughly off the beaten track of burgers in this thread, I feel it is my foodie-arse's duty to inform of a recent tear-in-eye find.I'd heard through several reliable epicurean channels that a breakfast nook of epidemic pro... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
OK, I was in LA for the weekend to attend the 67th anniversary of the Atwater Village Lion's Club Breakfast (pedestrian at best; but I get to see a lot of folks I grew up with), and I took the opportunity to try Oinkster in Eagle Rock. It was feat... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
All of a sudden there are a couple more on my (local to Phoenix) radar:Smashburger (I ate at the one on 20th and Camelback)Blu Burger Grill (101 and Northern)Blu Burger being the better of the two. Better than most, really. They have Angus, Kobe a... 
New favorite VINYL Album?
I bought a copy of "Broken Bells", because I like The Shins, and read somewhere that it was a collaborative, and a Shin was involved. I really like this album! 
Essential Zappa: what's missing from my collectio
I found a copy of "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" recently, and it is heavy on the instrumental. It's early, raw and quite good. 
Enough SET Power for Rock and Roll
We just had a four hour listening session last night that included the MFSL of Queen's "The Game", and Robin Trower's "Bridge of Sigh", with Coincident Frankensteins shining brightly through Coincident Total Victory IV's. I love the Franks on hard... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Ya, in the same strip as Dinah's was (is?) a little Mexican restaurant run by old ladies (need I say more?) that had Nopalitos con Huevos for breakfast (yup! Cactus and eggs!!). Only place in town I ever saw it, and boy, was it good!The place was ...