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5-"Til The Sun Turns Black" Ray LaMontagne4-"Time Without Consequence" Alexi Murdoch3-"The Shepherd's Dog" Iron and Wine2-"Dreamt For Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain" Sparklehorse1-"The Essential Paul Simon"Honorable mention:"Long Island Sh... 
Could this be the next Frank Sinatra?
Ya, you guys are right. There will NEVER be another Harry Conni... errrrrr Frank Sinatra. EVER! 
Which speakers?
You would enjoy the Triangle Celius, or even maybe more so the less expensive Altea. Very open, natural top to bottom presentation. 
Could this be the next Frank Sinatra?
Sinatra,s sound was laid back and cool, not disinterested and sedate. This kid sounds more like Crash Test Dummies. 
Switched From Tubes To SS???Glad You Did???
I sold my uber expensive all tube system, and bought a beat up pair of Epos M22's and an old Exposure XV integrated. There are tubes in the Jolida CD player...I love this little system. I was beginning to think I couldn't listen to SS at all. All ... 
What speakers did you like w/ Cary Sixpacs?
Dennis has said he likes Spendor speakers with his amps. I pesonally like Totem also. 
The most creative word for plywood you know.
Pre mechanically masticated engeneered organic component housing product. 
Amp advice sought for Coincident Total Victory
The eight watt Frankenstein is a different animal. I owned a pair a while back. "Headroom" is simply a lack of constriction when a sudden, instantaneous need for current presents itself by way of the software, isn't it?. The output power of the am... 
Cartridge for VPI Classic?
I heard one of the early versions (still with the aluminum arm) with a Zyx Yatra at the '09 RMAF, and it was pretty nice. 
Danny Boy - Recommendations
Of course there's always the more traditional... 
Orbe SE with Graham Phantom or Brinkmann 10.5
I heard directly from Artech that the Phantom was too heavy. The consensus seems to be that the synergistic "fit" is the SME V; but I never went there when I had mine. 
Zappa Plays Zappa
Hi Lou. At the Keswick on the 18th.Thanks for the input folks. I knew I couldn't be the only one in awe of these guys. 
Would you pay to listen?
Well now, let's see. I've had a $50K system, and I listened to it for about 16 hours a week. I kept the system intact for about two years. It was nice having it. It was mine, and it was a long time dream come true having it.But...Those 16 [email protected]$2... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
I said "followed", not "followed by"! I had to watch them bring pie after pie from the kitchen while I ate lunch. They all looked insane; but strawberry rhubarb is one of my faves, and not a lot of places known for pie have it. I live down the roa... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Well, drove to RMAF this year from Phoenix, and timed it to do lunch in Santa Fe, so I could finally try the green chili cheeseburger at Bobcat Bite. Alas, a sign on the door saying they would be closed 'til the 20th let me know that it wasn't to ...