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best snack for listening?
Gummi Bears.. 
Songs With Best Ending
Pick Up The Pieces--AWBNobody's Fault But Mine--ZeppThe Machine--Pink FloydThe Real Me--WhoKarma Police--RadioheadBridge of Sighs--TrowerEulogy--ToolCinnamon Girl--Neil YoungWind Up--TullDraw The Line--Aerosmith 
Speakers for EL34 amp: $1,500 - $2,000
One of the dealers has original Epos M-22's listed new in the box for $1600.00 or so. I've got a pair of these playing an Esoteric X03SE through an old ("vintage" if I'm ever dumb enough to sell it...) Exposure XV integrated, that runs 40W a side.... 
cd's/SACDS to test highs?
Keith Jarrett's "Death And The Flower" is now on SHM SACD, and is a lot of fun in the highs. 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Phoenix area alert...You're going to want to try the burger (and everything else for that matter) at Amuse Bouche in Surprise.This place is very impressive. 
I had a Cary SLP 05 with mine, and it was a little too sterile. I would try a used Atma-Sphere MP-3. I would try to run the amps balanced, for sure. Good luck! 
Pre for Pass XA60.5
I heard an ARC Ref 3 with a Pass X350.5 playing through WP 8's, and it was the best application of the Ref 3 that I've heard. 
Top 5 Hamburgers
I've been to Zinburger now. Twice. I have to say I like it. Kind of matches my sensibilities: I feel that the hamburger is one of the great inventions of western civilization, and should in some cases be treated as such. They treat it as such.Like... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
I've come to the conclusion that the best dog in the Phoenix area is the one at Delux. I've had the Kobe dog at one of the chophouses, and was a bit underwhelmed. The Delux dog is an all natural hotdog, and they hit it with (if you ask for it with... 
Can any preamps for $2-3k touch Auregies-L?
Come on , it's make lemonade time. Borrow the difference from your retirement and grab the next Monbrisson that comes up for sale! 
My love of music is killing me.
My God, I can't imagine the pain. Yours, not your son's. I can imagine your son's pain, and it must have been horrible. He must have sprung into the afterlife with glee!But it's yours that I hope I'll never be able to fully comprehend; being a fat... 
Best Pre with a built-n phono section?
Audion Quattro 4-Box with an octet of NOS Heerlen plant 6922's. 
Best Integrated amp for Wilson Audio Sasha
I think the Diablo would be great. Mike was right about wanting some power, even if you listen at moderate levels. 
Worst record ever?
Even my drug-induced coma that most refer to as the eighties couldn't dampen the blow of Eddie Murphy's album.BTW, my fave Shatner cover is "Rocket Man". Like the movies "Mommie Dearest" and "Can't Stop the Music", it's so bad it's good. Which bri... 
Best Rock Album in 2011
Gregg Allman "Low Country Blues" is a pretty strong offering.