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Performer-in-Room Quality with Speakers?
Devore O96 and Vivid Oval series B1 speakers are two that give great sound stage and are tube friendly. Sound stage improvements also benefit from treating the room acoustically. 
Speaker choice : need help between Nola and Sonus Faber
Both speakers are nice sounding, my bigger concern, no matter how nice the equipment a square room is not going to sound nice (20x20). If this room hasn't already been built I suggest making it rectangular. There are all kinds of articles on corre... 
Bi-Amplifying Speakers using two B&K Sonata Ex 442
Thanks for the clarification. I have one of the amps and was considering purchasing another which is on the market for a reasonable price. Your suggestion of upgrading the amp, is also what I am wrestling with. I now understand vertical, horizonta...