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Don't read you'll be sorry
Hey Ty,Stick to baseball.You were fairly good at that. 
Music to Impress my Kid's Friends?
You're not going to impress your kids' friends Sparky. 
Don't read you'll be sorry
You're right.I'm sorry I read this. 
New Teac CD/SACD players
Just ordered a CD-2000 for evaluation. Appears to be a substantial amount of nice features at a good price.Dealer disclaimer. 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
You need not go to Canada for Psvane & Shuguang tubes.Contact Audiogon member TRELJA for the best service and pricing available.Check for his ads on Audiogon. 
World's best Pre-amp for $10K and above?
This is great news. I've been struggling with this problem for years. Glad somebody has the definitive solution.Now about that chicken or egg thing....... 
Basis Calibrator base - worth it?
I was a Basis dealer for a few years.I would not spend $2K of my money on the calibrator base.IMO 
How often do you change components?
With every tire rotation. 
Trans Fi Salvation direct rim drive turntable
Sksos1I didn't need a timeline. A simple strobe showed wild variations in both 33 and 45 rpm. Additionally, the speed would vary without touching the motor controller.The owner sent me about 10 different pulleys, an external armboard, and a series... 
Trans Fi Salvation direct rim drive turntable
I had one of the original (#3) TTWeights Black Onyx turntables and it was IMO one of the worst pieces of analog gear owned in my 50+ years of audio. Noisy, erratic speed, and poor isolation between the table/armboard.Caveat emptor.IMO/YMMV 
Most "Musical" sounding speaker cable under $1000
I like Golden Gate cables.If you suspend them properly, they are extremely durable and length doesn't seem to affect performance.They work great in either direction. 
Class A amps or Class D??: Which sounds better??
>>07-22-12: CsontosThe amp on the other hand is the heart of the system.<<That is incorrect.It all starts with the speakers; they are the most important component in every system. 
My pleasure.Occasionally names define a person so well. 
Good one grannyring.Put that snob in his place. 
Move four of the black caps to the blue side or vice versa.Harmony.Glad to help.