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How good are Japanese made tubes ?
Matsushita, using Mullard equipment, made some great tubes in Japan during the early 1970's.I had a pair of Matsushita 12AX7, labeled Westinghouse, that were absolutely fabulous.If you can find any of these tubes, they generally go for a song and ... 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Yes, thanks Trelja for being the premier vendor of Psvane and Shuguang tubes in North America.No financial affiliation with his company, just a satisfied customer. 
Cables ... what's up with them?
Now play nice stickman; no need for nasties.There's plenty of room in the sandbox. 
Top Ten Speaker Cables of all time?...
I'm keen on the Repulicrat cables.Absolutely no cross talk, total 100% isolation, huge soundstage, but they are somewhat one dimensional.The left and right cables must be kept separate. Interference and immutable noise may occur if arranged side b... 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Racist?Better walk that back a bit.BTW, what "race" is Canadian?Thanks 
Cables ... what's up with them?
I'm just here to watch stickman. Could you pass me another glass of wine please? 
Is good customer service about dead?
I have no dog in this fight but personally I'm weary of the advertising, self promotion, and marketing.To be fair, I'm equally tired of the whining, crying, and complaining.Put a sock in it. 
scratchiness on older lp's
Surface condition does not necessarily reflect the amount of groove damage that may have occurred.I've heard records that look great but sound terrible and vice versa.Beauty is only skin deep. 
Abbingdon music research AMR cd-77 is how good?
>>07-31-12: Vze739enWe want people to post that do not have an agenda.<<Have you met Ralph? 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Audiozen, please read my post more carefully.I said you need NOT go to Canada. Fact of the matter is, Trelja stocks Psvane and Shuguang tubes in the USA and ships from the USA.You NEED NOT deal with Canada in any way, shape, or form.Hope you now u... 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Member Trelja is the premier vendor for Psvane tubes regarding price and service.Don't put too much stock in what unreliable sources may say or write. 
Don't read you'll be sorry
>All I've done is type some words"Agreed.BUTT, it's how you type them and where you place them.HEAD's up. 
Do you leave your platter spinning while switching
It's much easier on the motor/belt if you spin around at the same speed.This becomes increasingly challenging at 45 RPM.Thanks. 
Who uses high end TT setup for vintage records ?
A well designed analog front end will play all vinyl just fine.End of thread.:-) 
Cables ... what's up with them?
Cable discussions are without a doubt Audiogon's most entertaining threads.Pass the popcorn...........