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the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Zzzzzzzzzzz.....reactions to a full frontal lobotomy are often confused with sleep symptoms. 
Do you believe in Magic?
In addition to Geoff's fine list, I would add the following assuming you were foolish enough to pay for them:1. Clever clocks2. Brilliant pebbles3. Magic dotsThanks. 
has anyone had problems with wadia service?
Probably time for a dealer time out.IMO 
Local dealer has ESP
Ex Store Proprietor 
Anyone auditioned Pass Labs XP-30 preamp?
>>08-05-12: AudiozenThe idea that we stick to the past designs of 35 years ago is silly.<<For example vacuum tubes vs. solid state and analog vs. digital?Yeah, that's silly. 
Do you believe in Magic?
Have you tried a vacuum tubed hard drive? 
Best Speaker under $3K - New or Used
Jpl,It's getting old. Real old.Get yourself an attorney and close the piehole. 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Zen,Answers please.Especially the racism deal. 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Yoo hoo Zen, where are you? Seems you owe a bunch of answers here, especially that racism accusation.Man's game junior. 
Do you believe in Magic?
Audiophile grade Q-Tips? 
World's best Pre-amp for $10K and above?
Agreed syntax.I always look forward to the tinman's latest audio breakthrough followed by promotion from mickey the shill who purchased at dealer cost. 
the best 'tubey amp - warm,smooth,liquid' ?
Et tu Zen? 
VTA and HTA overhang
I'd rather listen to music and compromise on "ideal playback" than adjust my tonearms for every record.Life's too short IMO. 
VPI Scout
Luckily you weren't burdened with a VPI tonearm.Good luck. 
Cables ... what's up with them?
Typo right?