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Ethics are sliding by members!
Yesterday Tom called regarding a used amp I have.We agreed at a price of $1750 including UPS.He said he would call back in 30 min with a CC.He's busy at work.This morning there is a note on audiogon from Tom askingif I would sell for $1650.This is... 
Ethics are sliding by members!
The ad I have listed now isn't the same one I originally posted. I'm happy to talk to music lovers who have serious interest in what I'm selling.  
Ethics are sliding by members!
To Greg,"My" doc was clearly American, from S Dakota.As in original post, I'm happy to talk for a while to true¬†prospective buyers. That's reasonable.I have encountered MANY people who are pretending to¬†shop- but just want to chat. They start by f... 
Just moved to an apartment need speaker suggestions
Easy, Elac B6, $280 per pair!