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Shindo and Coincident
I have an Art Audio Gill Signature Power amp ( 16 watts ) with Art Audio VP1 Mark II preamp and I could not be happier. I bought used and had contacted the owner of the company before I purchased; he could not have been more helpful. I have had th... 
Pre-Amp Help
Check out the Art Audio pre amps. I have the VP1 Mark II with the phono section. I can't tell you it matches your amps but if it does you will like what you hear. 
Help with SET amplifier?
You will never regret buying any Art Audio amp or preamp. Call Joe Fratus the owner and he'll tell you which one for your speakers.Best customer service of anyone selling high end audio. 
Shelby Lynne
Where can this album be purchased for $12. to $13.? I could not find it. 
Q sound and looking for the name of an 80s remake
How about: Patricia Barber's Ode to Billy Joe on her Cafe Blue Album. It fits your description.