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Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
Hi, with your Spectrals and Rowlands, have you tried Avalon Acoustics ? 
unbeatable Class A integrated
If you can live with a minimalistic design aesthetic, the PureAudio One Integrated form New Zealand is superb. 
What isolation feet under your amp with great result?
Depending on the product, some factory feet are excellent.For those components where after-market isolation is necessary try the new Les Davis Audio 3D-2 Constrained Layer Damping Devices.Cheap and effective. 
First impressions.What multi-channel disc is your favorite
not a general fan of surround sound music favourite is the flaming lips yoshimi battles the pink robots on dvd-audio which was natively recorded in surround sound. 
Floored by Beatles "White Album" Reissue
the escher demos in good quality is the only reason to buy this set.i hate the martin jr reimaginings.sonically, the 2014 mono remaster sounds much better, pure analogue goodness ! 
mate for Spectral amp that is not Spectral
be careful with non-spectral preamps into spectral power amps.i'd save more for a spectral preamp. 
Turntable to phono stage preamp cables.
Ditto on used Purist Audio Design,Years ago I bought a used set of Proteus Provectus Praesto Revision and they are the finest phono cables I've ever used.If you see a set offered, snap them up.:) 
Are 500 hours too many for a used hi-end cartridge?
1. no, most quoted low hours tend to be vastly understated, reality without documented proof is a guess at best,2. yes, cartridge components deteriorate over time, with or without use, 3. yes, see 1.:) 
Curious record side labeling
when did record companies phase out changer siding ?i have two copies of the 1978 FM film soundtrack, my US copy has changer siding, my Australian copy has conventional 1/2/3/4 siding. 
What Class D amps will drive a 2 ohm load
what about jeff rowland’s class d amps ?all from the old stereo 102 through to the 201/501 monos and up to the current 825/925 etc can double their power into 4 ohms. i’ve heard the big ones behind speakers like magnepans, martin logans and apogee... 
Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.
out of the box solution...rotel rap-1580 + rmb-1585 5x200wpc power amppowerful, smooth, authoritative, engaging sound that won't break the bank.only caveat is that the pre/pro is a full hand-on manual unit, no auto setup:) 
Auto Room Equalization?
hate 'em all.they all screwup in varying ways.manual setup with ears, spl meter and test disc.:) 
Decca Classical Reissues Mastered at Abbey Road? Copies of digital files? Or REAL Reissue?
probably digital."remastered from analogue" hype is no guarantee either.the recent 2016 pink floyd remasters have a similar hype and they were all cut from digital. mediocre sound compared to a good original. 
Step up from Nakamichi 582 tape deck?
680zx or 682zx would be a good step up from a 582.a zx7 is a step up again from the 680 series.i went from a 582z to zx7. 
Can you run the HANA SL MC at 100 ohms?
tried the hana sl into a couple of phonos with 100ohm loading - cambridge audio 651p, plinius sounded ok.sounded much better into 47k