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Update on good Ethernet switch
@fredrik222 IS spot on; An ethernet frame is in essence an envelope that carries the digital data; TCPIP is the transport protocol used to ensure that the envelopes arrive in an order to ensure constant reliable transmission of data.  The disassem... 
Used DACs for sale - help me choose
I'll agree partially with Samureyex; Buy a new Gustard X16 for $500.00 anywhere.  I have been continuously amazed at how good this sounds, and if a new technology comes out you haven't sunk a big amount of $$.   
What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
Will the circle be unbroken. It's raw and has amazing imaging.  The song "Tennessee stud" literally LEAPS out of your speakers with amazing imagery    
What's all the fuss about late 70s and earl 80s run of the mill midfi turntables?
I am a "cold war" era G.I. that went to Europe and bought a Thorens TD126III and a SME 3009 tonearm.  I still own it. While in Europe I bought A Stanton 881S and a Micro acoustics 530MP.  This was magnificent to my ears.  I later bought a Shure V1... 
I don't have the budget a lot of you folks have; my DAC is a Gustard X16 and it has appreciated the changing of coax cables from my transports. My first was a Sppo 103D which also allowed me to play SACD through it. My second was an Emotiva ERC3D ... 
what cd player ?
I have an Emotiva ERC3 that is a great transport to an external DAC; I second the comments here about upgrading the power cable and getting good isolation. The Audiolab CDT-6000 is another great way to get your toes in the water. I have a Gustard ...