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Best Analog pass-through on DSP Theater Pre/Pros?`
The Aragon Soundstage has an excellent analog pass-through you may want to check it out. 
Krell or Sunfire Prepro, need advice thank you
Thanks for all the comments, they were very helpful. I noticed that the Sunfire receiver appears to have the same prepro built in. How much sonic improvement is there comparing the TG3/CG2 combination vs. the Receiver? Also, does anyone know how l... 
Krell HTS subwoofer set up/connection advice
I have read that if you use the balanced outputs for your amp then you can still run the rca outputs to your sub if you want to sub to work with 2 channel stereo. I wonder if you could hook up the sub output to one input and a front channel to the... 
Seperates vs Sunfire Ultimate Receiver
Thanks Samski and Bgart for your responses. I'm really surprised, no other alternatives to suggest from this group. So does the entire a'gon group agree that the Sunfire receiver is as good or better than Separates? Maybe I should ask how much mor... 
Sunfire Ultimate Receiver or B&K 507?
I have the same question. Any feedback would be welcome. 
Denon 3803 + vs Rotel or B&K receivers
Bfrazier23,Sounds impressive, what DVD material did you use for autidion and did you happen to compare the Denon 3803 to the B&K receiver using only 2 channel stereo music? 
HELP Best 5.1 amplification for under $2000
Thank you very much for the response Kurt_tank,Since this unit will need to perform double duty -- both music and theater - I am trying to get some feedback from the audiophiles on what might be a good starting point. I have heard reports similar ... 
Denon 3803 + vs Rotel or B&K receivers
Wow, what a lot of great inputs. I think it is fantastic that you all took the time to contribute to this discussion. From reading the responses there is clearly a range of opinions. To recap, it appears all agree that the 3803 is clear choice for...