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Integrated amp for Nola boxer
So what was your pick so far ? 
Difference Between DAC Types
The best dac is nos dac ! So natural and analog specially with tube nos and you can do tube rolling with them  
Integrated amp for Nola Boxers 1- My first system
Get a decent used tube amp for less than 800 and you will be happy with them ! 
Beginner choosing amp help
@johnto  the Yamaha as2100 better than parasound halo , I have own it before I consider for Yamaha , parasound is like Swiss Army knife which is good for neat and convenient  
Beginner choosing amp help
Just for the info I have not seen a single used Yamaha as2100 for sale in the USA for the last 1 year that will tell you something about this one , I have own one and I can guarantee you can’t go wrong with it for sure  
Super tweeters, are they worthwile?
Instead of invest in superteeter invest in a good dac will improve your dynamic , soundstage and seprarste , do a research about a dac and get the one work for your system  
Beginner choosing amp help
I’m the same path on upgrading and I have compare a few of few of them , I have try Marantz pm11 , parasound halo hint and finally the Yamaha as2100 , for less than 2300 you can get as2100  and for the moneys you can’t go wrong with it ! Hope this... 
The Six review on the Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC just went up
I got mhdt labs pagoda in balance configuration, you gotta give it a listen , some say it not romantic like orchid but to my ear it was so natural and sweet , soundstage is wide and tall , the detail is unbelievable real and lifelike presentation ... 
Yamaha integrated amp as3000 vs Pass integrated
@astelmaszek it would be nice if we can compare as3000 again Luxman you have! I currently have as2100 and I love it pair with my Nola boxer , the best sound I never heard before but I’m still itchy for the as3000 with the big donut transformer tha... 
Yamaha integrated amp as3000 vs Pass integrated
@sonicbeauty thank for your input ! Right now I’m between pass int 150 and as3000 both of them are rare find on the used market but I don’t think I can go wrong on either one of them  
Yamaha integrated amp as3000 vs Pass integrated
@sjtm the  lowest prices for PM11S3 was 1600 , I was offer the guy 1500 but he reject me and sold to another member for 1600, you can get the PM11S3 for cheap as people try to upgrade their Marantz gear to latest pm10 so now is your chance  
Yamaha integrated amp as3000 vs Pass integrated
@dpac996  I also have Yamaha as2100 for a month and it drivIng a pair of Nola boxer s2 with 90 dB at 8 ohm ,the sound was great but I’m still itchy for more of upgrading lol , btw I’m now pick the Yamaha AS3000 and pass int 150 either of them come... 
Yamaha integrated amp as3000 vs Pass integrated
@sjtm I have look at the pm11 also but after a few weeks of watching the market of the Marantz I have seen a lot of them for sale as low as 1500 and I know the pm11 was same class with as3000 that make me curious about the quality of Marantz why t... 
Yamaha integrated amp as3000 vs Pass integrated
@Jtucker at 3k I don’t think you can get another deal like that !yes I would look at pass int 150 also ! Thank for advice  
Bookshelf Recommendations
Nothing can beat a pairs of Nola boxer , I dare you to compare it to other with cost 3 times to get the sound  of it ! Do your homework and good luck with your search