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Do YOU have a flat frequency response in your room?
Do YOU have a flat frequency response in your room?
kota, I do hope there was a 'no' well-placed in that first sentence to nonoise.... ;)  Otherwise, it reads more like we've been wasting our time chasing a chimera instead of sirens....😏  And totally clueless as to the proper means.... I've pursue... 
Whats playing on your system today?
To preamp or not to preamp. That is the question.
No pre here, but I'm either spoiled or ruined.... ;)  
So I was changing a lightbulb last night…
It's just your magnetic personality....but I'd stay indoors during lightning storms. ;) I had a mystery *hum* awhile back, sharing an input between my office and main systems.  Turned out to be a grounding issue, but it made me crazy(er) for awhi... 
Room correction room system vs ears….
Some DSP in a room beats none, even in a 'meh' room....I count on it, as ears can lie to one's mind, whereas a mic and software don't care about prefs....ho, as usual.    
Who is Gonna Buy A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer For the MacIntosh Stereo?
...are they Real Blue Meters, or just digital versions on the dash screen? Saw a brief glance of them in a Jeep commercial...first thought was 'another one bites the big one, another slide into mediocrity...' and y'all would (and did) start a pos... 
Gain / Amplification
Interesting.... @jhajeski , I’ve played about with pre v. gain for awhile, settled down to 50~80% pre for volume control, and leave the amps running @ 75~80. Unless running a ’stress test’ on a diy...then I unleash it. *L* Room is louder than th... 
Nearly all manufacturers do not advertise/exhibit their product measurements? Why?
*sigh*  This is one among many 'discussions' that will endure beyond our lifetimes for as long as the items made for humans to appreciate any ephemeral event in their own homes are made for the pursuit. Make your own call, buy the thing, and try ... 
Why would a moderator remove a cable review?
😏 Mod was wired, strung out, or both.... That, and the 'cable thang' is just getting too esoteric to be rational anymore, imho... To paraphrase LOTR lore, "One wire to bind them...." ;)  
Time/Process of Hooking up New Equipment
@ghdprentice , like send her off to the in-laws (if still available) or off with girlfriends on a cruise? It works, but...the results vary, as will yours. *L* Mine hasn't come home with a shirt labeled "My Favorite Mistake!" yet, but I generally... 
What do you do when you inherit some gear that you don’t want.
50% down to ship, balance On delivery.  Package within package, expanding foam  @ all corners with plastic to keep foam off original carton(s).  Air 'pillows' @ the sides, backs. Heavy speakers should be on a pallet, with a wood frame about the b... 
Maybe this is the winter you build something!
Maybe this is the winter you build something!
@wolf_garcia ....There is no escape, only higher ground where you can put up the good fight.... ;) "You'll never take me alive!" It seems it's quite happy to take us 'not so much'..... 😏  
Maybe this is the winter you build something!
@waytoomuchstuff , yes sir, there are places and things I know enough of Not to get involved with... One can 'crackle-finish' the surface of wood with a microwave transformer. I'll mess with neon (high volts, low amps) but microwave units are th...