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What LP shows what analog can do?
Stevie Ray Vaughn, "The Sky is Crying". I really like "Chitlins con carne" for a demo (as well as the music.) 
Shanling CDS 100 music hall 25 or Cambridge D500SE
Has anyone tried the Teac C-1D against these players? 
Checking Anti-Skate?
Another method is to listen for the best soundstage. Start with too little and work your way up. When you get enough antiskate, the image will "bloom" noticeably. 
Best Frank Zappa┬┤s Recordings
Pug99: I've been a Zappa fan for decades and have his entire official recorded output, except for Oz, and have never heard of the this overture. Do you have a link to a description or anything else mentioning it? 
How can you tell if a speaker has impedence dips?
My old 1980s vintage PS Model 2 amps sound WAY better bridged. It's not even close. I'm driving old Rega 2-way speakers with them. 
Buzzzzzing Transformers
In case anybody cares, I fixed the fizzy noise in my PS Model 2 amp. It was one of the input section transistors. Now the DC offset is 0 only with the pot turned all the way to one extreme, which is a little weird. Oh well, it seems to sound OK no... 
What's under YOUR turntable?
A slab of 1/2" acrylic suspended by four double runs of 10 lb. test fishing line attached to a 3/4" slab of plywood over the rafters in the attic. Until I mounted it this way, I could never get my Oracle Delphi Mk.2 to bounce straight up and down ... 
Buzzzzzing Transformers
Tphalieros, the "loose transformer" tweak makes sense. The 60HZ vibration from the transformer was decoupled from the PC boards etc. in the amp and removed a colouration. A rubber mount system would probably have a similar but safer effect. You se... 
Buzzzzzing Transformers
Gs5556, your post motivated me to fix a buzz in my shop stereo. One of my (1980 vintage) PS Model 2 power amps running in mono had a loose transformer mounting screw and a bad electrolytic in the input shunt R/C. A new cap and some duct seal under... 
Shanling T100 to the T200 shootout
Bluefin, you state "There is a dangerous thing, good or bad singers all sound pretty smooth, you can't tell good v.s. bad singers" You mean Diana Krall can actually competently sing jazz when she's upsampled? That I've got to hear! 
Didn't They Learn Their Lesson With DIVX
Just what we need, more disposable plastic crap for our landfills. 
Warm vs. Analytical If the music was mixed with warm sounding monitors, wouldn't the mix then be the opposite if the engineer intended a "neutral" mix? Or did you mean to imply that the JBL monitors were analytical, so the engineers mixed the music ... 
Cheap Strobe Light??
Believe it or not, if you look carefully, even an incandescent standard light bulb flickers enough to set your TT speed, but a flourescent light turns off and on much more quickly. You could use an electrician's tester with a neon light. 
How do I clean CDs with isopropyl alcohol?
CDs have grooves?