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Audible Illusions M3A update
No, do not under any circumstances send it back. They have a track record of taking months longer than expected to do upgrade work. I personally had this experience and it was agonizing. Ultimately Art felt bad about this and sold me a new one at ... 
Analogue or Digital sound level meter?
I have used both and find the digital one much easier to use. Also, the test results are fascinating. 
Tired of My Thiel's!!! UPGRADE TIME???
Make sure your 2.3's are broken in thoroughly and try Cardas cable. I ended up migrating to Proac and Spendor speakers, which are more naturally musical, but sometimes miss that honestly and authority of the Thiels. 
Any Thiel 3.6 Owners in SF Bay Area?
Cardas rules with Thiels! 
Thiel 2.3--bright or harsh ?
They need a lot of break-in; they do warm up a little. They sound lean unless they get a lot of power. They sound lean if you mate them with lean sounding solid state (I suspect that Krell amp). I found Cardas cabling to be incredible match to mak... 
Class Action Suit against UPS?
I have had mostly good experience with UPS, but had enough problems that I most definitely worry every time I use UPS. Fed Ex has been flawless for me so far. Which leads to my question: Have any of you tried FED EX'S NEW GROUND SERVICE? It's comp... 
Thiel 2.3's Power Hungry??
Yes, even though the 2.3 is more efficient than other Thiels, well, at lower power levels my experience was that the sound was lean. I got good results with CJ Premier 12's at 140 watts per side, but I suspect that doubling the power would have re... 
Cables for Proac Response 2.5
I find that Audio Tekne is a magical combination for my Proac 2.5, but it is expensive. HT Pro-9 is quite good, perhaps a tad mechanical compared to the fluid Audio Tekne. 
Vandy and Thiel are severely different. Thiels are extremely linear and accurate and require lots of very clean power and a very clean source to sound good, or even listenable. Given your current electronics, I would not commit to Thiels without f...