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cardas golden cros vs golden reference
Cross line is warmer and more forgiving than the Reference line. However the Reference line is warm and forgiving compared to a lot of other cables, so it is hard to make an absolute recommendation. 
cardas hexlink golden 5c speaker cable
I find that in many systems, Cardas is not the first choice when I wear my audiophile analytical cap. Other cables are sometimes a little faster, more detailed on top, etc.HOWEVER, when I want to enjoy the music, Cardas usually stomps the others. ... 
cardas hexlink golden 5c speaker cable
Yes, my memory is that Hexlink is much warmer and less transparent than either the Golden Cross series or the Golden Reference series. Again, I'm basing this on memory and different equipment, but it was quite a strong impression at the time.Putti... 
cardas hexlink golden 5c speaker cable
My memory - going back two decades - is that it was an extremely warm sounding cable, and would be appropriate for a system that has a harsh sound that you wish to tame. I have not heard this cable in a long time and certainly not on modern equipm... 
dac for squeezebox touch
SB Touch analog output sound fine. My EE Minimax DAC is a definite step up in resolution and refinement. 
Review: Eastern Electric Minimax DAC DA converter
The Touch analog outs get the tone right, IMHO. They are somewhat lacking in detail and bass control, and very very much lacking in sound-stage width, depth, and precision.My opinion is that the Touch analog outs are fine for any system that does ... 
"My Dad has a system like that", she said....
CWlondon, it is a mixed blessing. After I'm a little taken aback by her initial comment, she dives into it ("what are those, light bulbs?"...).Art 
Ethernet over power line - noisey?
I'm using Netgear WNR1000 RANGEMAX 150 WIRELESS ROUTER - provided by Comcast for free, actually, with the modem rental. Their support people tell me that the more expensive models don't have better coverage but the literature does tout the better ... 
MOCA? Using your cable line to carry Ethernet?
Another alternative to flaky WiFi - particularly with Squeezebox products which are G only, not N - could be a WiFi N adapter like Cisco-Linksys WET610N Dual-Band Wireless-N Adapter. Other vendors sell something like this too. Assuming that the ad... 
B&W 603s gone; I'm lost down the rabbit hole
I like the Usher s520's which show up fairly often. They don't discount much used and under $500 new anyway.. LSA model 1 ("standard" model) would be fantastic but you don't see them used often. 
Review: Eastern Electric Minimax DAC DA converter
Not USB out of the Touch or into the EE DAC. Based on experience, I presume that USB would need a preprocessor so I avoid it unless streaming out of a PC or Mac. I think you would call the connections I'm using various forms of coax. I've not trie... 
Eastern Electric's new tube DAC using ESS Sabre??
I will keep updating the review if there are changes. I lose track of all the other conversations. 
ConradJohnson--Can their vintage compete with new?
Vinkim, your comment makes me wonder whether I heard the CJ integrated with either poorly matched gear or poorly matched tubes. I'm very pleased to hear that piece is working out so well for you.Art 
ConradJohnson--Can their vintage compete with new?
I found the CAV-50 to be extremely warmed sounding with rolled highs. Not saying to avoid it; rather, it needs careful system matching. Also, this is the only CJ piece I ever heard that went to this extreme. Usually they have a nice natural level ... 
High Powered Wireless Network for Audio
Same problem! Question: Would Powerline Internet create noise on the powerline that will affect the sound quality of my stereo?Art