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The Cyclicality of Black Vs Silver
A customer rep of a famous brand of very high end audio gear tells me that the silver models outsell the black ones substantially. This surprises me as I vastly prefer black. (Or maybe it should NOT surprise me :-o )Anyway, FWIW. Artps: they do ha... 
New Zu Mission cable
Why are all the comparisons in this thread only within the same brand? Have none of you ever tried any other brand? How does Mission compare to other brands of cables that many of us have tried?Thanks,Art 
SS integrated amp that has tube like qualities
I've got a Wyred STI-500 breaking in at home, and it sounds VERY promising so far. It is very cable sensitive I notice. So I am curious as to your negative reaction to Wyred or other class D integrateds.Thanks,Art 
Integrated amp for Usher Be-718?
Well I have an STI-500 breaking in now in my home. Arrived today. Initial impressions are very positive.(including - perhaps I no longer need a sub to complement my Silverline 17.5's? :-)I'll be evaluating in absolute terms. But then I'll also nee... 
New Zu Mission cable
Can any of you comment how Mission compare to Cardas, Audience, etc. given the lack of reviews or information on the net.Thanks,Art 
Has anyone tried Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 RCA IC?
I eventually concluded that Blue Jeans were not in the league of Cardas, Discovery, Empirical Audio, etc, in terms of transparency and refinement. In the Blue Jeans price range I have a slight preference for Monster Cable (which seems to be a poli... 
Cary SLI-80, Too Warm?
Signature has been the standard version for a long time now, as I understand. Upgrade is F1, with or without direct coupling.You can tune the sound a lot by selecting output impedance match (4 vs 8 ohm) and ultralinear vs triode sound, as well as ... 
Review: Eastern Electric Minimax DAC DA converter
Time on the DAC is probably 50 hours.I am very happy with the sound via tube output.Solid state is ok to me.HOWEVER someone I know loves the SS more than the tube output.To each his own I guess.I've had $3000 cd players fail to beat my Cary 308T b... 
Mac with USB Dac
Kijanki, very clever, thanks! 
Best Dac for a Shanling and squeezebox?
Eastern Electric Minimax DAC is pretty amazing - especially in tube mode, IMHO.Art 
Why buy older digital gear?
Some of the old Cal stuff had tube output stages (I think the "alpha" dac, for example). Perhaps that is where the demand is?My Cary 308T with tube output stage is "long in the tooth" now but has consistently trounced every player I've had in my h... 
cardas golden cros vs golden reference
George, that last line captures it so well:"All we can do, is to search for an aesthetic view of calming completeness that engage our emotions."Art 
Problem with older REL subs & class D amps
I wish I was able to get more detail on the fix. No one seems to know - except there is a fellow at REL who builds these cables by hand. I'll see if I can get him to let us know. Generally they want to keep things trade secret I'm sure BUT this in... 
Integrated amp for Usher Be-718?
Bizango1, sounds like you love the STI500 even before it's notorious break-in of 300 hours! How has the sound changed if at all over time?Thanks,Art 
"My Dad has a system like that", she said....
Most recently, yes, a little less than half my age. My nephews girlfriend. They stayed over a few days and I showed them San Francisco and Napa. I told her about to pass the info along to her Dad.And yeah she did find the tubes in...