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Disappointing Evening
Don't ask. Just play a short piece on the B&O, then say "I have something else for you to hear".... 
Spendor A9 : Your first impressions
I had an earlier generation of this speaker. When they arrived, I loved them except for the shallow bass. Several months later I realized that the bass had opened up beautifully and it was now VERY deep and real. 
Cary SLI-80 bias help
Ok Wikipedia says it's in the el34 family. My Svetlana el34s biased just fine at 75. It requires a very fine touch as it overshoots or undershoots easily. 
Cary SLI-80 bias help
Are you sure the amp accepts that tube? I've used 6550, kt88 and kt90 AND el34 in my sli80 but never heard of the 6ca7 being in that same family. 
Self-powered speakers: any good?
Thanks for all the ideas. Alas I had not considered the timing issue - that two SB Touch's, one for left channel and one for right channel - might not time properly. Sigh. I think I'll try it anyway. I own Audioengine 5's for my bedroom so I can e... 
Lessloss DFPC original vs mini
Thank you for the observations. Just to be clear, I think you are saying that (a) you find the DFPC superior to the mini on source components, and (b) you also prefer the Shunyata's on the sources over the DFPC, is that correct?Thanks,Art 
Is this the END of DAYS for the high end CD player
Better if it has a digital input to act like a DAC. Even then, it is a luxury as you imply with your question, we will all be using some sort of computer menu to select our music soon if not already.But then strictly speaking, anything beyond a ka... 
Biwire vs Single/jumper: Cardas Golden Ref
Yes, that "diagnol" sounds right. I've read about people doing that successfully. I've tried making cheap jumpers and never had any luck with them - which surprises me a lot. Never tried Romex though.Art 
Speakers on floor?
Putting full range speakers on floor does seem to deepen the bass, in my experience, but adds so much resonance that the sound at least in my experience ends up sounding confused. (or is it me that is "confused"? Quien sabe....). Art 
Biwire vs Single/jumper: Cardas Golden Ref
Lacee, does diagonol mean:Run a wire to, say, upper tweeter on left. Jumper that tweeter to midwoofer on left. run the other wire OUT of the midwoofer. Then do the same on other side?I've never tried, that, worrying about damaging something or con... 
New Zu Mission cable
How do Mission compare to more traditional high end cables like Transparent, Wireworld, Cardas, Nordost, etc?Thanks,Art 
Mac sound quality
If Toslink, make sure it's GLASS. I think that Audioquest uses plastic (which is vastly more common). 
Speakers on floor?
I suppose one could argue that regardless of the effect, the speakers were developed and voiced for traditional floor stands? 
Techflex on speaker cable: sonic impact?
Hmmm. There are two kinds of techflex, one that spreads open and you wrap it around (I suppose it uses velcro) but this is not the one I have. I have the one that you slip on, that yes I suppose could create a static charge in the process!Art 
How does one get off the merry-go-round?
Dan, I did not realize that you started one of the most popular audiogon threads!So are you "off the merry-go-round"?Artps: who invented the name "merry-go-round"?