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Preamp suggestions needed
Thanks Phild for the info. I'll check out the Norh 
Preamp suggestions needed
Thanks Sugarbrie for the info on the PFR on auction. I have seen it and will probably bid on it after I pass it thru my Board of Administration (wife). She may just go for it since she likes the CJ amp as much or more than I do. I'm not sure of th... 
Do I really need a preamp?
OK boys and girls, you,ve made a believer out of me. Actually I thought I knew the answer already but wanted to check with others before making a final descision. I had tried both ways but a faulty cable had caused some intermintent problems that ... 
Has anyone heard Dynaco tube CD player
Hey Trelja, I've tried to get info on the Cambridge but have had no luck. Their web page gives no info. Where did you get yours and do you know where I can get some info on this player? 
Recommendations- Tuner/Preamp w/ pwrCkt
Check out the Adcom GTP 450. It is discontinued now and replaced by the GTP 502. You can find a fairly new 450 for $250-350 or spring for a new 502 for about $525. Check out their web page for details. 
How to buy from Audiogon?
I too have used Iescrow and have been satisfied with the result of the transaction. The seller was also happy with the results . Iescrow is probably the safest way to make a transaction. Paypal is ok but it does not guarantee the quality of the it... 
for $700 - 1box or 2 box dgtl playback?
Don't mean to butt in but I have a similar budget for a cd player. I have heard the Adcom GCD 700 5 disk player which lists at $700.00. It had an open warm sound. Any input on this unit as compared to those mentioned above is appreciated 
Adcom, Acurus or McCormack
Thats an interesting thought Tbridges. I have "upgraded" that HK 730 once before when a channel went out only to find that I had taken a step backward instead of forward. Interestingly enough that product gets a high rating on audioreview 
Adcom, Acurus or McCormack
Kennyt, your post has been very informative. I have read that the Acurus tends to be bright, but had not read anything about the lack of bass punch in the McCormack.I think I'll take your advice and try the Acurus, but if I run across a good deal ... 
Ear Candy: Most startling recordings.
For those who still have turntables try anything on RCA's "Living Stereo" if you can find them.