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The CD you most listened to back in 2007 ?
While it was released late in the year, in Sept, I found myself listening to Chris Potter's "Follow the Red Line" probably every other day for a couple of months ... just an excellent CD 
What equipment do you most regret parting with??
A Musical Fidelity A-20 (20 watts Class A) integrated, glossy black minimalist front panel ... great synergy with Nautilus 804s ... convinced myself that some expensive Classé amps would make the B&Ws sing ... and they did, but the A-20 was a ... 
What is the best place to buy tubes?
Nothing but excellent service and tubes from ... just my experience 
single versus multiple driver?
I loved my 10.1 Bose towersI loved my ML Aerius-1sI loved my B&W 804s and 803sI loved my Tyler Taylo's and LinbrooksI loved my Super Abbys and Bailey subI now love my Eric-1s/Almarro comboThey all had weaknesses and strengths ... as always, li... 
Best Source For Quality Jazz CDs?
Lots of selection and often up to a 2-min play on available tracks 
How many hours weekly do you listen to your system
Goldeneraguy ... I like your response ... it reminds me a bit of my own situation and how I work it 
morrow cables?
Replaced two A Zen power cables with Morrows ... not sure that they're better, but quite certain that I'm keeping the Morrows without doubts or regrets ... soon to switch to Morrow biwires ... for the right reasons. 
Jazz Recommendations
A must-own CD is Chris Potter's "Follow the Red Line" ... simply substantial in every way 
Stereophile Article - Holt telling it like it is.
I recently drove an old Chevy pickup, maybe a 1960 something ... and the radio/speaker struck me as something I remembered seeing/hearing some years ago when I was a teenager ... someone who simply couldn't wait to jump into my own car to go here/... 
Isolation devices and CDPs
I had mini-clouds, but the Yamamoto isolation blocks I wound up using ... the ebony, not the maple ... offered an impact that was undeniable. Now using Isol-pads. Not displeased, but wouldn't mind having another set of the Yamamoto's. 
How many hours weekly do you listen to your system
20 hrs per week, sometimes a bit more, other times a bit less, and periodically an 8-hr session. I have 5-day weekends. I'm lucky. 
Moving away from tubes. Is this a good idea?
The pro-tubers are totally correct. Stop listening to your self-induced doubts ... give up on the notion that tube equipment is a pain, as it isn't at all ... pick up a nice used integrated and some speakers with relatively high sensitivity ... yo... 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
I still like the really funky Candy Dulfer, as well as Deanna Kirk, Eliane Elias, Mindi Abair and, though less today than 5 years ago, Holly Cole. 
Best 27' speaker stands?
Call Ty at Tyler Acoustics (after visiting his web site) and he'll build the dimensions you'd prefer to have. If you want substantial speaker stands .... 
Best short-lived band?
Look for Susan Rhatigan's "To Hell with Love" ... blues-pop-rock, kind of a refined Janis Joplin sound.