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Owners of speakers by obscure companies chime in
I haven't heard KCS yet, but plan to do so this early fall 2008; I've heard a set of Bob Brines speakers ... extremely nice sound/speakers; maybe 9-10 years ago I bought a set of Taylo Ref monitors before Tyler became widely known (and enjoyed the... 
Sonny Rollins
Someone above wrote that "He [Rollins} and Ornette Coleman are pretty much the last of the jazz giants who walk the earth" ... no point in arguing against this sort of statement, but people like Donny McCaslin and Chris Potter are blowing notes th... 
Just purchased Usher Be-718. Need Help with Setup
Give Ty the dimensions you need and he'll make you a set of Tyler stands ... check out his site ... about $350 
Rank Stereophile, & why no Von Schweikert reviews
I like, TAS and Stereophile ... and about everything else I visit or find (beyond ETM). In large part I just like to keep up with what's being made, the associated data, and what reviewers have to say. Most of the letter posters ... 
Looking for an acoustic guitar recording..
Get Dominic Frasca's "Deviations" ... claimed to have been performed "on solo guitar in real time with no loops, overdubs, or other instruments" ... all done on the first and only take. You will be left speechless. 
Which artists' music do you buy without audition
I probably have all of those listed by Audiofeil, and I refer to his list solely because it includes Bob Dylan ... I grew up with Dylan and still, to this day, enjoy hearing his music .... maybe everyone does ... I don't knowIn the '60s I bought m... 
Norah Jones a tinge short
The CD "Miss America" by Mary Margaret O'Hara ... borderline atonality, but truly iconic ... one I've kept for the past 20 years. I just noticed today that the drummer on Sting's 1991 "The Soul Cages" ... was Manu Katché ... whose 2007 "Playground... 
Speaker Choice for Almarro 318B
I once waited a bit more than 4 months to get a Lector CD player ... a very frustrating experience. Good luck! 
Which "Kind of Blue". I'm so confused
Eliminate your confusion ... get the M Davis cd "Live Around the World" ... something for everyone and some great energy as well as introspection 
WOW factor
Tube amplification with single-driver speakers 
CDP caused tinnitus?
RWBadley ... fairly convinced you're inventing scenarios ... which is too bad both for you and for those who suffer from tinnitus ... mine began several years ago ... in no way associated with music or loud sounds ... and today floats between noti... 
Porcelain makes Stereophile list...after 19 years
I have five Fordham CDs and at one time was a big fan ("Swept" is a nice CD, also), so I fully agree that "Porcelain" is a must-own CD. I listen to Fordham infrequently today, but "Porcelain" still comes across as somewhat timeless. 
Jazz Recommendations
Hi, Mijknarf ... I've got several pages of Amazon "Buy It Later" pages, too ... and sometimes I'll move them to "Buy Now" status, but generally I wind up deleting listings as I add more. I'm trying to research sufficiently to wind up with CDs that... 
Jazz Recommendations
Thanks, Kana813, I'll try your suggestions.For all of you who love saxophone ... RUN, do not walk, and pick up "In Pursuit" by Donny McCaslin ... from standard low-key jazz to Coltranesque spacial pyrotechnics ... something for everyone here ... a... 
Isolation Devices for Digital
Hi ... I used a set of Mini-Clouds, but I was much more impressed by a set of Yamamoto isolation bases (ebony, not the maples). An immediate improvement that couldn't be denied ... very high quality craftsmanshipIf this is a duplicate, I apologize...