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Psychedelic Get Down Party
What’s a 10k to 15k speaker from smaller company that performs well?
You Can get amazing sound with way less than 15k.15k.  Wow, really?if I had the cash,burning a hole, I would go Dynaudio or Vienna acoustics. Depending what music you listen to.vienna is not a rock speaker, as the Dynaudio is. 
Whats playing on your system today?
New Black Swan cd.its good! 
Best Preamp round $8000
Don’t have to drop 8K for a high quality pre.unless you want tubes.a great ss pre is “the preamp”by Roger Sanders.sanders sound systems.roger makes an amazing little preamp. 
Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
Odyssey Kismet Reference series.
Kismet monos received a few weeks ago. Hooked up, powered on, playing source for 2 weeks, huge difference with two weeks. Sound signature is night and day, from day one until now.better every few days, bass, midrange, always different every other ... 
BIC Venturi fans?
Very welcome! Love the bass from that Venturi port! I have pillows stacked behind my v830’s to soak up some of the boom. Great speakers!! 
Whats playing on your system today?
Johnny winter: several releases!! Samson : several releases.y&t - “.   “ 
Expectations after re cap of power-amp
@jl35 you are correct, this was my exact answer. You should expect a much better presentation and open/airy ness to your sound.enjoy 
OMG, just removed my speaker grills and the sound just opened up to a new level!
If I remember correctly, the Martin Logan series motion 40 and 60 towers w the folded tweeter, use metal grills, that’s quality,mine are plastic wrapped in black thin fabric. Love those motion 60 Martin Logan speakers, but when I purchased mine, t... 
OMG, just removed my speaker grills and the sound just opened up to a new level!
@roxy54  I sometimes leave off for the look of the array of drivers, they are on %98 of the time.for protection.  Had a pair of BIC America dv84’s which NEEDED two layers of tshirt cut and taped over the grill to kill the shrill.only pair ever had... 
Need under $1500 preamp for my system
Wow, mega congrats! Modwright preamp!!??? Amazing purchase, they make amazing products!!,  power cords are a scham.your home is most likely wired with thin wire (20 ga, 18ga? So thin 120 to outlets, and a 300$ your money, spend it on mus... 
OMG, just removed my speaker grills and the sound just opened up to a new level!
removed every grill on every speaker I’ve owned since 1987, and they all sounded the same on or off.   Cool story. 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
Best of luck, in your preamp search! I would love a nice tube pre for my amp, but, time, and reliability, plus cost is a huge crutch for me. I’ll stic w my aging SS preamps.enjoy the ride! 
What Class D amps will drive a 2 ohm load
Owned a D class amp, there is a difference.attack, clarity, headroom,  but u r right different strokes.