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Audioquest question
Hifman5,Google Audioquest Evergreen interconnect and you will see what the OP is talking about.  The cable goes from 2 ends to 1 cable.Scott 
ARC ls 25 mkii cd/dac input too hot?
Have you tried adjusting the gain on your preamp? There are 3 different settings per input. 
Axpona 2019
In no particular order:Martin Logan RenaissanceVon Schweikert, VAC, TechDAS   Room 2-EuphioraVandersteen, Audio Reasearch, AudioQuest.   Room 690 
Identify a Resistor in an Audio Research PH3
At this point all you need to do is remove the 2K resistors and solder in your resistor of choice. If you want to be precise google parallel resistor calculator and use 47K as resistor 1 and and say 700R for resistor 2 and it will calculate actual... 
Speed stability issues with my Teres turntable...
I'm not sure which motor Chris used on the early Teres tables but if it's the same motor Thom Mackris used in his Galiber table that motor is no longer available. I emailed Maxon a couple years ago and this is their reply.. My name is Eugene and ... 
Upgrade for users of 1/2" mylar belt
Yes,Look up a few posts and you will see a link I provided for mylar streamers.Scott 
Redpoint Model D Turntable....Replacement Belt
Paul,They are not too hard to make yourself.http://https// .If the link doesn't work just search "mylar belt" there are quite a few pages to read thru but it's worth it.Scott 
Upgrade for users of 1/2" mylar belt
Alan,I posted a link above, and as I said it looks like McCormicks doesn't sell it anymore. Try this place from earlier in this post it looks like they have it. 
Upgrade for users of 1/2" mylar belt
I don't think that McCormicks has the mylar ribbon anymore here's a link to  their site. did find this on Amazon hope this helps. 
Anyone still using a Teres table?
Here is a link to a discussion for mylar belt construction.http://https//  
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
lucidear,You can pull out the existing fuse and the value is stamped on the end caps, you may need a magnifying glass.Scott  
Analog Consultant in Milwaukee Wisconsin
I second Bill_k recommendation, Jon is a top notch guy. 
Table setup/help in SE WI
I would talk to Jon at Ultra Fidelis in Wauwatosa,Wi.Jon is a top notch guy who will take care of you and knows analog very well. 
Upgrade for users of 1/2" mylar belt
I just stumbled upon this thread last week after a bit of a hiatus from audio. I made a new etched belt this past weekend, cleaned platter and motor pulley with alcohol wipes and played around a bit with belt tension to find the highest speed.The ... 
Audience XLR interconnects not working
On my ARC LS 25MKII I have to flip a switch to use the balanced inputs and my ARC VT 100 MKIII also has a switch for balanced or singe ended use, you may have something like that on you equipment.