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External Linear Power Supplies
I bought a Zero Zone last week to power my streamer and so far I am hearing a subtle difference in sound. I will wait and report back after 150-200 hours. Is an upgraded DC cable necessary? Daniel  
Banchmark DAC3B vs. Denafrips Pontus II (12th Aniv.)
I have Pontus II 12th and never heard any pops, tic or click. I would say system synergy as our members mentioned is the key for great sound. Best of luck!  
Innuos PULSE Mini?
@j_andrews for right now, I am using the regular power supply that came with the unit but, I am upgrading to a LPS pretty soon. I am just wondering if any LPS will make a noticeable improvement or just the Innuos LPS? Thanks!  
Innuos PULSE Mini?
I own several streamers ( bluesound, ifi zen and the new Innuos Pulsemini) The innuos wins by a margin. It sounds so airy, detailed and great sense of ease to the music. The Sense app is top notch.  
The new LSA Signature 50 Monitor "Disruptive Product"
Just read the tone publication review of the LSA signature 80 and sounds like they are excellent speakers.  
The new LSA Signature 50 Monitor "Disruptive Product"
I purchased from Walter ( underwood hifi) many times and I had excellent experience with his company. I love the fact that I can talk to someone over the phone and ask as many questions. Maybe I am an old school buyer 🤣    
The new LSA Signature 50 Monitor "Disruptive Product"
@amorstereo Any update on the LSA Signature 80 review?  
Black Ice(former Jolida Company)new integrated amp opinions
I purchased the Black Ice F35 with el34 tubes and it took around 200hours for the tubes and the amp to sound it's best. I love this amp much more than my Atoll and Kinki integrated amp. Warm,lush,transparent and dig really deep into the low freque... 
Local pick up only…
I totally forgot about the paypal tax reporting thing. Unfortunately not  all markets/ region offer enough classifieds. It’s definitely an advantage if you live in a large metropolitan city but for small cities, it represents a challenge.    
Atoll IN200SE Integrated Amplifier
@hilde45 Sorry for late reply, I am the one who @mauger2069 Atoll with all Nichicon capacitors upgrades and just added new AMR fuses. Check my video on utube under username/Boniccie. I still have this amp by the way.  
Audiogon is becoming the hub for scammers.
I always use PayPal and that is exactly what I did. The Very next day Audiogon suspended the seller, another ad showed up for Mcintosh MC452 with same exact description as the one I had to deal with. Why can’t Audiogon just put all those new selle... 
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
When I asked the same question couple months ago, I received an overwhelming  number of great recommendations. At the end, I decided to upgrade my CDT and spend the extra money on buying cd/sacd. I know it sounds crazy but I listen more to the mu... 
Atoll IN200SE Integrated Amplifier
My modified Atoll IN200SE is now driving a pair of Magnepan 1.7i with ease and power more than any other 200W SS integrated amp I used before. Highly recommended!  
My ears are ready to retire!
Thank you all for the great recommendations! Looks like I am going to choose between Buchardt A500 & the Kef LS50 Wireless II and the new kef compact sub.  
My ears are ready to retire!
Thank you all for great recommendations and for sharing with me your thoughts on downsizing.