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Last train to Clarksville - Monkeys 🇦🇺 
Streamer Value Question Innous vs Bluesound
I can only speak from personal experience but I spent a “bit” on a good NAS with plenty of space. It can run the Roon core, plus act as your PC backup :)I also had a Node 2 which is a good quality streamer, but I wanted to upgrade to a better stre... 
Mid Range Streamer DAC recommendation help requested!
@dan2019 Dan, what is your expected budget? You could have a look at the Cocktail Audio line up. I have the X45Pro and it would tick all your boxes, but maybe not your budget. But do look at the range. They are very good. 🇦🇺 
Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...
Another advertisement. Textron areallowed to do it. Plenty of others have been allowed to do it. Eh. So what? 
What are the sexiest components ever made?
Duntech Sovereign C-7000 (classic) 
I'm here for the enthusiasts, not the snobbery
As I am neither a bike or car fanatic and I have no interest in comparing things either, I’ll move to the next post. 🇦🇺 
Just received my new Luxman CL-1000 pre-amp.
@hiendmmoe Congrats. I am looking for a preamp at the moment so will look in on the specs on the CL-1000 but may be happy with the C900u.I’ve yet to explore my options moving on from an Ayre K-3x on my 2nd system.Look forward to further correspond... 
Subwoofer Causing Amp to Stay On
Reading the OP’s initial post, the subs are connected to the speakers binding posts. Therefore, even when the amp is off, there is a current being initiated from the subs to the speakers.The subs speaker cable need to be disconnected from the spea... 
Help with Hum issues.
Hey Customerfirst, it would seem you have tested all the configurations. Your conclusion would seem unlikely, but possible. BOTH preamps with problems?What models are the amp/preamps? How old are they?I would also agree with rixthetrick that there... 
Help with Hum issues.
Thanks Tvad 🇦🇺 
Help with Hum issues.
Further to that thought, could a speaker feedback or amp feedback to the preamp be causing the hum?If you search this forum you will see various views on ac regeneration and batteries etc. Worth reading when you get too frustrated! 🇦🇺 
Help with Hum issues.
The hum could (I stress could) be damage caused by a source to the preamp. You mentioned that you changed the preamp and amp to new ones but nothing else. It seems unlikely to be cables after your experimenting, so, if the preamp has the same (rig... 
Help with Hum issues.
I think that was the left preamp out to the right amp in. The the right preamp out to the left amp in. 🇦🇺 
Help with Hum issues.
Ho Customersfirst,  You mentioned that you changed all the wires etc. Did you mean that you changed them with same but new cables (wires)? Or are the cables the same original ones but swapped around? Are the speaker cables terminated with plugs or... 
All-in-one integrated, 10-15K range, class A/B only
Personally, I would consider a Luxman L-509X or L-590AXll integrateds. Fabulous performance for their price point (<$10k) Do have a look at the Luxman web site. 🇦🇺