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TT Arm-base Unipivot vs Gimbal-base Designs...
My guess is, Unipivot arms works really nicely but to me it felt strange, to each their own. I did also try Linear Tracking TT’s but they were finicky at best on the low end. I will stick with my 1210 and it Jelco arm.  
Qobuz hell
Call the card company and tell them the story.  They can stop payment. I use "Discover" and they are great to work with.  
VTL MB-450 Series III Signature Monoblocks VS. Pass Labs 260.8 Monoblocks
I've owned VTL 450MKII for many years and it has never given me a single problem.  Tubes need replacing from time to time.  With the 450 if one goes a little light blinks identifying bad tube. Power down, replace the tube. Auto Biasing is way nice... 
Experience With Linear Tracking Turntables
I have two Technics SL-10 Linear Tracking full auto machines. Both track well and always start and stop accurately.     
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Fort Ord PX 1972!  Cheap but it was the start.  
Best Alignment Protractor?
I use a modified Mobil Fidelity Sound Lab's Disc.  I added an overhead pin to center on the spindle, dead center.  I may adjust the cartridge, by moving it ever so slightly forward or back to suite me.  
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
I previously used Krell FPB 200 for awhile. The Krell was a tad bright, not good match with my speakers at the time either and yes then the heat. I went to tubes kept the heat lost the bright. For many years I used VTL amps and lived with the heat... 
My first tube integrated: which one to get?
I've had a Jolida JD-1000A Integrated Amp for many years and it been an outstanding performer and without mechanical issues.  If was looking I'd have a look at the Jolida/Black Ice product line.  
Amplifier for Wilson Audio Alexia V
I was at a friends home listening to his big Alexia with VTL 450MKII's amps OMG was that wonderful.  I know you are scaling down your system.  Yet, I've never heard such a perfect combination.  I use to live in Vegas and always attended CES and "T... 
Krell Fpb 300 engage capacitor for tube preamp
Sorry for the Hyjack.  My last post reminded me or my time with Krell. I had an FPB 200 with Thiel CS6's with an Adcom GFP 750 pre and digital front end.  What a combination, WOW for Rock and Pop, yet it glared at me with Classical.  So, I got a C... 
Krell Fpb 300 engage capacitor for tube preamp
sfstereo is 100 percent correct as it applied to my once owned FPB 200 stereo when I used a tubed pre.  
Digital is far better than vinyl
For me digital is better in all ways except the sound is better on Lp’s. Two years ago, I moved to a "Off The Grid"  cabin and left the core of my system behind. I brought my records and left the Digital disc. I’m 69 years old and I grew up with v... 
8-Tracks and Open-Reels: Who’s Got ‘Em and Whatcha Got?
I have an old Sony RR that was a gift.  It sounds awful so I use it as a decoration..  
You checked the fuses?