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How much gain is needed in a Phono Preamp for a 0.2 to 0.3mv low output moving coil?
One of the recurring problems with PHONO stages is that they have a relatively low gain in MC, and values below 60 dB may be considered inappropriate.Fortunately ARCAM has produced (and is still possible to buy first-hand) a PHONO amplifier with u... 
IMHO, not enough gain in my Phono stage
Unless you have an ARCAM rPhono with an MC gain of up to 82 dB, it is best to use a line amplifier such as the BERESFORD TC-780LC.I use an AUDIOLAB 8000A to amplify the signal from the CAMBRIDGE AUDIO 651p, using the AUDIOLAB PRE-OUT output to my ... 
Is the Cambridge Audio 651p better than the 640p?
Although the 651p sounds good, it also has an incredibly low MC gain: 55 db only!If you have an MC cartridge under 0.35 mV, forget about this phono amplifier. 
Does anyone here own a Jolida 202/302/502 amp
Hi, I own a JOLIDA JD202A from late 1990’s and have roll the Chinese valves with JAN PHILLIPS 12AT7 (inverters), SOVTEK 12AX7LPS (drivers) and four 1999 SED Svetlana’s (“S” logo).With this tube set, the amp sounded better, but dynamics and middle...