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Power Conditioner vs A/C cables
True or False?
False.  My components are probably reference class and expensive.   Every tweak mattered. I guess the more resolving a component the easier it is to notice a tweak  
The Absurdity of it All
To the OP. Live a little more before you make judgements  
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Jonathan Gullman of MSB.                                KENT ENGLISH and Nelson Pass of Pass Labs.  I spoke to above 3.  Good people.  Great companies.  
I have Digital and Vinyl.  Hardly ever listen to vinyl.   
reviews on DAC AUDIO GD R8
I have the baby Audio Gd.  It is the headphone amp with R2R DAC.  EXCEPTIONALLY good for its price. I tried the DAC portion and was blown away. I have the MSB DAC and was toying with my AUDIO GD headphone amp just for fun. Looking at the DAC only ... 
Opinions wanted: 10-30K Speakers for Jazz/Folk
You have a fine problem.   Everyone will recommend their own choice.  Please try for yourself , especilally the popular brands; Wilson , Sonus Fabre , Focal, Dynaudio , Vandersteen, Rockport,Vivid Audio etc. It would help knowing if you are pairin... 
I have Wilson Sasha 1.  They are excellent; accurate, natural, coherent from top to bottom. Positioning and powerful amp needed.  I prefer Wilson’s to Sonus Faber , Vivid Audio , B & W , DeVore, Van der Steen , Kef , Monitor Audio , MBL , Foca... 
Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.
All rooms need acoustic treatment . Trick is not to over damp the room.  Even furniture and household objects scattered in a room is acoustic treatment  
Recommend a dac that contributes to system for tight bass
I chose WADIA and later MSB especially because I found other DACs shy of bass.  btw which Pass Labs amp and which speakers do you have ? 
DAC/w Volume control + Power amp or DAC + Integrated?
George.  Thought as much. I use my MSB Analog DAC direct.  No problems.  With my Wadia 301 and Wadia 521 DAC I needed to set the gain such that low volume started at 60%. That way volume was always over 67%.   
DAC/w Volume control + Power amp or DAC + Integrated?
Georgehifi. Are you using Schiit Sys  with your MSB DAC  ?    
My ears are ready to retire!
Chances are you won’t be happy downsizing and will go back to upsizing.  
Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.
Welcome back. You have the benefit of experience and you are starting correctly by admitting being sucked in.  This time , be careful , remember past errors , don’t chase SQ AND ENJOY THE MUSIC  
Schumann Resonator
I have similar. Acoustic Revive RRR 888.  Not sure it does anything but it remains permanently on just in case