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Phenomenal Classical Recordings
gaudio can you post the recomendation here? thanks 
best rock voices
peter gabriel ,peter hammil of the group van der graff generator. 
Best Rock Video - Sound Quality and Content
in the flesh, coming of age (camel) and scripts of the jester joke (marillion) 
Best Genesis Album - your opinions please.
selling england is considered the better disc in the rock progresive scene.(y am agree).but all genesis peter gabriel era are a masterpieces november you can get the lambs in SACD. 
Japanese CD's
krellviscsom y cant go to that page. can you confirm the web page. 
Voltage conversion from 220V to 110V.
dont worry about the cycle with the amp. is very important for digital(home theater only) not for analogue. 
Preamp to use with Rowland mono amps
y have the synergi lli and is an amazing pre.y had compared the synergi with mark levinson 32 and the old 26 and the krell krc-hr and the synergy is incredible.y dont know why the ML 32 DOES not sound like the synergy or better.y have the rowland ... 
JM Lab Mezzo or Red Rose classic??
y use the mezzos in the same sizes and 1 meter more is better but its ok y have not any options. y had compare the mezzos ,b&w 802s ,mini utopia and sonus guarneri homage. for me the best is the mezzos and the mini utopia. 
Pre to match Rowland Model 10 ??
y use rowland synergi lli with rowland 12 and cardas gold ref and really is excelent pre. y think that the synergi are your pre. 
Jeff Rowland - Model 10 amp - 120/240 switchable?
y have a rowland 12 and is multivoltage. jeff rowland respond inmediatly .ask him to the site than macrojack give you 
5 best underrated or unknown bands and why?
mhirtandir. maybe one of the best american rock synphonic band 
1950-2000: The 10 Greatest Songwriting Teams
close to the edge by yes 
1950-2000: The Top 25 Singer/Songwriters
peter gabriel and peter hamil 
Early 1970's rock: Name some of your favorites
seeling england (genesis) 2)close to the edge (YES) 3)THE LAMB LIES (GENESIS) 4)OVER (PETER HAMIL) 5)THICKS AS A BRICK (JETHRO TULL)