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"Balanced Output" Phono Pre-amp??
Gerry, I agree with your choice in tubes, I purchased a similar selection for my Io. In addition, I have two outboard power supplies (custom mods required from Jim White at Aesthetix). In addition to the twin power supplies, call Kevin at Upscale ... 
Best Electrostatic loudspeaker?
If you have a large enough room, and sufficient money, the Soundlab Ultimate One is the best electrostatic made. I also think it is the finest speaker made of any type, and at any price, However, at over $27,000.00 for the Ultimates Ones, there ar... 
What AC Power Cord sounds best?
The answer is that this requires testing. My answer will be absolutely correct for some readers and wrong for some others. Not every component will react the same way with a given power cord. I think if you had only one shot at it, the best choice... 
Hey, thats cheating. But, I like it! How about you come to one of our listening sessions and bring that baby along. 
I agree with Curio on the SME 30, it is indeed one of the best in the world. And since I own the Walker, and no one has named the other obvious "best" turntable, I will. The Rockport Cirrus. 
"Balanced Output" Phono Pre-amp??
Aesthetix IO (as in moon, not ten) is balanced design and has provision for single ended output as plus or minus phase as well. Has well regulated outboard power supply, user adjustable load for phono cartridge, completely adjustable output gain f... 
Best Cartridge cost no object
First, sorry I delayed in response. I was out of town. The Insider is not as extended in the high frequencyÂ’s or quite as detailed as the Reference, but they share pretty much the same personality otherwise. The Keuwetsu (which I choose) is warmer... 
Best Power Conditioner under $1,000?
Generally, unless you live in a place with horrible power problems, you are better off spending the $1000.00 on other things. Most power conditioners hurt as many things as they cure. 
Best Cartridge cost no object
The answer, not in order is: Keuwetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum, Keuwetsu Onyx Platinum, ClearAudio Reference and Insider. Reasonable contender for much less money, Benz Micro Ruby or Reference. 
Which is the best single-ended tube amp
The Viva Aurora, from Italy. Introduced two years ago at CES, is just now really being shipped. It uses the Svetlana SV 572, has near 1000 Volt rails and produces 24 watts. It will be used to run the reference system for two exhibitors in the CES ... 
The latest model Walker Proscenium, with auto air suspension, adjustable motor base assembly, Prologue platform and isolated Power Motor Drive 2. This probably retails for about $30,000.00. CBS of LA has just completed their reference sound room (... 
how much tube power is needed?
The answer is dependent partially on the design of the speaker. If the speaker is a Maggie or Soundlab, the answer would be different from a horn or cone speaker. The reason is that some speakers require more voltage than wattage, and some require...