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Best Movie Soundtrack
If you like classical music, "Imortal Beloved" about Beethoven has some wonderful performances. 
Buying a used Pre-amp...Advice needed
I noticed yesterday a McCormack ALD-1 advertised on Audiogon for $400. If this is still available I would get it in a heartbeat. I own an ALD-1 that has been modified by Steve McCormack and it is a great pre-amp that can be operated either in an a... 
absolute best component you ever owned
My Dahlquist DQM9's which I have had for 15 years and they still blow away many newer brand speakers. 
inexpensive hdcd player or dac
The CAL HDCD Icon Mark II Powerboss is a great stand alone player that can be purchased used in the $500 range. For $65.00 you can send it back to the factory for a cleaning and check of all outputs, money I believe well spent. 
DNA-1 SMc A/B mods: More laid back?
I had my DNA-1 upgraded with the B mod, which I feel is the most cost effective. A very noticeable difference with a liitle more tube like sound. I also upgraded my ALD-1 pre amp with a similar results. 
Best used preamp for around $1000. . .
Sorry for the mistake in model number. The pre-amp is the ALD-1. The DNA-1 is the McCormack amp. 
Best used preamp for around $1000. . .
I would recommend the McCormack DNA-1 active pre-amp which can be purchased within your price target. Then somewhere down the line you could send it to Steve McCormack to be upgraded, at which point you will have a pre-amp that would compete with ... 
Buidling a Classical Library - MUST HAVES!
Living in the Seattle area we are blessed with a wonderful classical FM station KING FM. They are also on the internet at I suggest that you go to their site as it contains a wealth of information that will be helpful. 
Adcom, Acurus or McCormack
I have a McCormack DNA-1 with a McCormack ALD-1 pre amp both of which have been upgraded by Steve McCormack. They provide plenty of smooth bass into my Dahlquist DQM9s. You can pick up a DNA-1 in the $900.00 range and upgrade it later. The B upgra... 
Best new amp under $2k?
If you can use a combination of new and used I would pick up a used McCormack DNA 1 for about $1,000 and send it to Steve McCormack for his B upgrade. With shipping etc. you would be under yor price cap and have an amp that will outperform many hi... 
Help me find a smooth solid-state amp?
I would highly reccomend the McCormack DNA-1 power amp coupled withe the ALD-1 pre amp for a very warm sound. However, have them upgraded by Steve McCormack for a dramatic improvement.