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opinions on Rega RS1 speakers
Mcgarick,REGA R1s kit in my office system: (had 2 kits)Sold:Arcam Alpha II integrated and Alpha 5 FM tuner with ATLAS Hyper3 speaker cables and ATLAS Navigator IC(sweet sound)NOW (also up for sale)NAD C370 inregrated amp (Modded for external power... 
opinions on Rega RS1 speakers
Hey Mcgarick,Rega R1s shined with the following kit: ARCAM FMJ A32 Integrated ampARCAM MFJ CD23 CDPARCAM FMJ TunerARCAM P35 power amp:(I took out the bi-amped feature with the R1s .. they are not bi-ampable)ATLAS Navigator all-CU ICs ATLAS ASCENT ... 
opinions on Rega RS1 speakers
I have the predecessor R1s in a second system. I swapped in the R1s as an interim stop-gap fix in my main system. They captivated me enough to sell off my Totem Forest and Totem Arros in my main system and I have now upgraded to Rega R9s.My audiop... 
Best speaker match suggestions for ARCAM FMJ S/S
update:I sold my Totem Forests and swapped in Rega R9 speakers biamped with the same kit ....and WHOA ... what a HUGE step up in performance in every way.I was stunned (pleasantly) along with my audiophile buddy witnesses.THE POINT: system synergi... 
Arcam fmj cd23, isolation?
First I had the ARCAM FMJ system described below on a glass shelf stand with an IKEA maple cuttingboard under the CT23T ... a haarshness was introduced enough to rip your ears off.So I bought the full monty Mapleshade Samson rack and brass footers... 
Speaker cable for Arcam AVR 350
I have a bi-amped all ARCAM FMJ 2 channel system. ATLAS ASCENT speaker bi-wired cables with ARCAM are terrific, and they wow most listeners of the system. Of course synergies are further achieved with with ATLAS ICs. 
Martin Logan Vignette or B&W FPM4 ?
I have 5 matched Vignettes and the Dynamo subwoofer driven by the CAMBRIDGE AZUR 6.1 receiver.Exquisite, 
Best speaker match suggestions for ARCAM FMJ S/S
UPDATE:* First I swapped the Arros for Totem Forests (BIG improvement)* Second, I added an Arcam FMJ P35 amp in a vertical bi-amp set-up to the A35 integrated. (A32 to the tweeters and P35 to the woofers) with another ATLAS Navigator All-Cu IC con... 
Speakers that work close to the back wall
Totem Arros : 6" away-from-wall placement and an awesome speaker ( see Totem website for specs and speaker placement FAQs) 
Speakers for NAD C370
Totem Arros .... awesome.