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Upgrading to Duo 300 XD Stereo Amplifier and Illusion Preamplifier from Krell Evo
I got my 375 XD amps 2 months ago.They are incredible. Base, mids, highs; all done extremely well.Soundstage is fantastic. I had a 302e, no comparison.I almost went with Pass Labs, but my 375's eliminated that idea.I feel that I have arrived.Am to... 
Recommendation on power amp
Got my Krell 375's 2 months ago.They are the best Krell's yet.I liked my FPB 250Mc years ago, but the XD's are spectacular !!! 
Speaker recommendations 10 to 30k and no beryllium
Definitely check out the Revel Ultima Salon-2.They do everything perfectly.I've been an audiophile for 50 years. 
Contrasting KEF reference fives vs proac k6 vs Dynaudio floorstanders
After 50 years at this, I found my ideal speakers:Revel Ultima Salon 2.Used pair in your price range. 
Good Pre-Amps For McIntosh
I have the 452 Amp with a 2500 preamp. Recently added the Audio Research CD 9 and love the sound. Been thinking about a Ref 5SE or a Ref 6.Also have the Revel Salon Ultimate 2.Soundstage is the best ever. 
Help finding me an amp for my Revel Ultima Salon 2s
I love my Revel's, the best yet for me.Amplification:   Krell Duo 300, Bryston 4B-3, Mc452...My favorite, the McIntosh 452... 
Bryston 4B3 vs Mac MC462 vs Pass Labs X250.8, OR... GRYPHON Diablo 300?
I have a Bryston 4B3 and McIntosh 452.I spent 90% of my listening time using the 452.Soundstage, imaging, musicality I think isbetter with the 452. Bryston sounds somewhat dry.Still a very good amp. 
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Revel Salon 2 or Raidho
Have had my Salon 2's for 4 months. Superb.Soundstage, huge.Imaging, on the mark.I don't miss my B&W 802's. 
Esoteric K-01x player - 34 bit digital processing
Absolutely love my K-01X.The best I've ever had.Beats Krell, McIntosh, Marantz. 
New Amps to match up with PSB T3 speakers
McIntosh 452, fantastic.Bryston and Krell, bright. 
Bryston or McIntosh
If you like listening to music, go McIntosh.If you want more detail, go Bryston.I have a 4B3 and Mc 452. 
PSB Imagine T3's?
I love my T-3's.Had bought KEF Reference-3's instead of the T-3's 2 years ago.T-3's---much better bass. Great soundstage and imaging, incredible at this. Close my eyes and the speakers disappear.I liked the concept of combined mid and tweeter, but... 
Speaker recommendation for mc452 and C2600
I have: McIntosh 501's, C2500, MCD 500.Love the sound with my KEF Ref. 3's. 
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
I have owned B&W 801's, 802's, Magnaplanar, I now have KEF Ref. 3 and love them.Excellent sound and beautiful to look at.