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The Ten Rules of high-end audio
11) Loudspeaker-amplifier relationship is the most important one to solve,12) do not trust reviews,13) there is no component without a loyal group of fans, who would praise it and make you believe that this is the right component for you14) price ... 
Classical vinyl - Good sources of info and talk
I think,is better to concentrate on good (phenomemal)musical performance than quality of pressing. For info on musical content you can browse the gramophono.co.uk, or the musicweb.net.uk sites. 
Novice ears or unrealistic expectations?
In general, I think, when you have an Ipod and -possibly - TV and local radio stations as a source in a small room, the best possible solution is an active speaker. There is sure that the amp and the speaker is well matched and well controlled and... 
Device to record & playback music ?
Korg MR-1, Korg MR-1000, Alesis Masterlink. 
Windows PC to USB DAC. How do you do it ?
You may also try the apogee rosetta 200 with inbuilt firewire card. 
Music for toddlers and parents?
Mozart! I have read somewhere, that especially the piano sonatas of Mozart are very good for babies due its harmonics. 
Computer output to DAC, which route?
One of the best options for PC is the apogee rosetta 200 with X-firewire card,with its own drivers. 
which external hard disc for music storage?
Buy as big as you could.It is never enough space once you begin deal with PC stored music. 
Looking for a Solidly good inexpensive DAC
Apogee mini dac, used. 
Krell FPB 300 vs ML 333 for Thiel CS6
A friend of mine has Thiel cs6. He had ML 331 (not enough power, but I liked it), Pass 350 (somehow less dynamic and warmer sound), and finally ended up to have Nuforce 9SE monoblocks plugged into PS audio P300. That is a wonderful combination, sm... 
Best recording labels for orchestral music
By the way, these are really wonderful recordings:http://www.highdeftapetransfers.net/cgi-bin/shopper.cgi?listcategories 
What is a live speaker?
My first speakers were Heybrook hb1. Very good speakers. No,I dont think that (cheaper) Proacs are better. You may try to listen an active speaker. They are tending to have a very coherent, dynamic, open treble and not bass shy soundprint with not... 
Best recording labels for orchestral music
Hi,yes, you are right to a certain extent. He had to disguise his real intention, and the Fifth symphony is one of the prime example.But still...but I am not familiar with the version of Maazel. I think this is a kind of music, which one really sh... 
Headroom ultra microdac, Benchmark Dac1 or other?
You may consider Apogee mini dac or rosetta 200. 
Best recording labels for orchestral music
Actually, one of the most tragic, soul-gripping music in the world of classical music is that of Shostakovich. He barley survived a cruel dictatorship, which killed aout one-fourth of the population of its own country. His music is really about th...