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Anyone listening to 24/196?
I had the opportunity to compare apogee rosetta to the altman in my system. To my ears, the altman is a very musical dac, but this is achieved at price. It has, compared to the apogee, rolled off highs, less speed and dynamism and less clear bass ... 
Anyone listening to 24/196?
Apogee Rosetta. 
Good entry level cd?
Used Teac vrds 9, 10, 20 cd player. Very dynamic and robust sound. That probably would make a difference compared to your current dvd player. 
Bryston BCD-1 to upgrade or not?
Probably you get better sound. But I think you would get more for the same investment if you add two subwoofers to your loudspeakers. 
What has been your most satisfying component?
Actually, I have two "landmark" components: Philips MFB 544 active loudspeaker, 3 way, 3 inbuilt amplifiers, 10 inch woofer. Tonally correct, dynamic soundprint with ability to convery body and presence to music. No more hassle with matching speak... 
Wilson Audio Sophia II questions from Norway
You know, these are American loudspeakers done for folks who are driving cars with cabins that are bigger than average European rooms. Consequently, there is a likelihood that they really need rooms bigger than a normal European room. According to... 
Does the Transport make a significant difference?
You may try an teac vrds 10, 20, 25 cd player. They are relatively inexpensive ones, but with probably one of the best transport. It is hard to find better transport, especially one which still has replacement laser. 
To DAC or not to DAC...
I think apogee fac with firewire connection is the best possible solution. It accepts up to 24/192 from PC or Mac. As far as quality concerned, it equals EMM Labs dac. 
Cheaper substitute for VAC Avatar?
I had Aronov 960 integrated, and a while I was also thinking to upgrade to VAC Avatar. The Avatar has, at least as I heard, a more refined, silkier and more audiophile sound. Aronov, had a more robust sound. Likely, the Avatar is nicer amp for sma... 
Which component upgrade will produce more BASS?
Use of subwoofer is a good idea. One of the way to build a good sounding system is the employment of subwoofer. But still there is a problem: integration into system, which already has coloration which the owner do not like. That is a difficult ta... 
Which component upgrade will produce more BASS?
If your favourite music is rock from the 70s-80s, I would go for a JBL. A used JBL 250 TI for example. That would produce the type of sound you may like and fit for this type of music. But I would, anyway, buy a speaker with 10" woofer. 
how much would you say a good set up cost
Oh yeah, vintage system from 3-4K, they sound very good, maybe a different coloration than todays' one, less transparent and detail freak but somehow more natural. As far as modern design: a used active ATC 100 or 150 or PCM loudspeakers, atc or b... 
Most Important?
Jazzkid to answer your question, I think that the weakest link of your system is the blue coloured painting of your room. Blue is transmitting a kind of psychological perception, which one may associate with cold, distance and being without emotiv... 
Need to downgrade any advice??
Active speakers driven by apple is a good solution. But you have to find the right active speakers. You may want to look on the ebay look for secondhand tannoy, dynaudio, or other professional audio active speakers, or quad active ones. 
Why Not Bring Back Analog, Reel to Reel Tape
Studer 807, 810. Absolut wonderful gears.