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I need help putting together a budget system
Apogee minidac with firewire card (around 1000 usd) and a pair of active speakers. If you like a bit romantic sound you may add a tube pre with mellow sound. Such a pedestrian set up could produce shockingly good sound, and possibly the best possi... 
Preamp w/mm Phono Stage for under $300?
Philips AH 572, from early eighties. The audiophile statement of Philips when it was not only producer of cheap plastic things. Very nice preamp with wonderful phonostage. hard to find better. Also, old accuphase preamps from that time (C-200) are... 
IYO, Best speaker for rock music under $1k
A vintage JBL with at least 10" woofer. Like this:http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1229814086&/JBL-L200-Studio-Master-1970's 
Best DAC under $ 2,500 on used market
Apogee Rosetta 200 or Apogee mini dac at half price if you dont need AD conversion. With fireware card also opens the door for the (present) future. Dac made for pro studio purposes. As it was made for the pro market, one could be sure that price ... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Dear Rauliruegas and others in this topic. Influenced by this discussion and in other topics, I have recently changed my belt drive MC pickup and dedicated MC preamp based analog chain to a vintage Pionner PL 707 DD turntable with a technics 207 c... 
Oppo 983 vs Sony SCD-777ES, any experiences?
Once I had ML 39. A nice and expensive cd player. I friend of mine brought over his Oppo. There was difference between the two. According to my friend small. I heard a bit more, and I thought the difference is enough me to keep the ML. Still, the ... 
Pathos logos or classic
I have looked at your system. I think, your speakers are simply not suit for the kind of music you like. Pathos wont help you, or even would make things even worse. I would go for a vintage JBL with 10 woofers. Like this:http://www.audiogon.com/cg... 
Best speaker under $1K...... used market
Look for an old goodmans or electrovoice speakers on the ebay. Look for one with 10" woofer. They are fantastic speakers, and they put a shame on so many modern design. But they are ugly. 
Dynaudio C2 with Plinius 9200
Dkzzz, unfortunately each concert hall is different, and not all seats are equal in sonic terms. It happened with me several times that bad concerthall acoustic destroyed for me the concert. I frequently go to classical concerts. I always very pic... 
New preamps making new claims.
They are not necessarily better. But they may tuned differently which you may or may not like better. Plus heavy efforts into design rework, which may cost more than the changes in the electronics. 
What makes for a GOOD turntable.
Sorry, it was a mistyping. Pioneer PL 707 is a turntable.Here its is: http://www.thevintageknob.org/PIONEER/PL707/PL707.html 
What makes for a GOOD turntable.
I have just now replaced a wilson benesch full circle plus MC phono preamp (both together some 5000 usd new) with a vintage Pioneer pl 707 direct drive tuner, MM pickup and an vintage Philips studio preamp with inbuilt MM phono for somewhat less t... 
Efficient speaker, big bad tight bass?
For rock, I would not hesitate to get JBL. But look for amodel with as big woofers as possible. 10" woofer is good to have to feel the music. 
Reclaim sound from the past?
I would not hesitate to sell everything and buy again on the Audiogon these old things. Witts are fine speakers and maybe they had a good synergy with cjs. I could imagine that they corrected each others shortcomings well to get a good balanced so... 
Musical yet Detailed DAC Around $700
apogee mini dac