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Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?
Personally I doubled down on a better CDP in the last few months simply because CDs are such good value now compared to vinyl.  I am one of those folks who likes to choose the right tool for the job - so I maintain streaming setups and spin vinyl ... 
My Last CD player
Whoever made the point about the mechanisms above was right.  Whether your player will be your last one is solely dependent on whether it can be fixed when the mechanism dies - because at some point it will.  Doesn't matter how expensive the gear ... 
How Do You Store Your Record Collection? Recommendations Please!
IKEA Kallax - enough of them so that the vinyl isn't packed too closely together.  Only downside to it is that there are no backs to the units.  But otherwise cheap, not ugly and scalable. 
CD or Streaming... am I missing out?
Horses for courses, in my view.  Where I live, best streaming option is Tidal HiFi (no Qobuz here) and I have a large library of CDs.  So for me I still rely on CD (or vinyl) for familiar recordings but use streaming for new things.  I run an Accu... 
Technics SL1210GAE + Accuphase E-480 (AD-50) + ??? (cartridge)
Interested to see how this works out as I am in a similar situation.