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Bryston BP26 with Pass Labs
It does sem like zd is confusing amps and preamps in this situation. If you hear a big difference between these 2 then at least one of them has a problem. Is the bryston known to be a noisy preamp? I've never heard that. 
Best bourbon?
Blanton's single barrel, Russell's Reserve Single Barrel, and Russell's Reserve 10-Year are probably at the top of my list. Tried the 12-yr Van Winkle once at a restaurant in Louisville and it was superb. Can't find a bottle anywhere and not sure ... 
Rega RP8 Clearaudio Concept Wood or...?
I recently purchased the Xtension 10 with the Sumiko Blackbird cart that comes with the "Super pack" option, because I needed the whole shebang and the bundle seemed like the best value for me. This is my first high end turntable so unfortunately ... 
Starting a thread and then disappearing
Runnin, what's the big deal? This is supposedly a forum to find information, is it not? Let me offer a common scenario: People are interested in perhaps buying a particular product and ask questions whether anybody has any opinions. Then they list... 
Audio Research REF 75 vs VAC Phi 200
David12, I've never listened to a Ref75 but have read the glowing reviews.. You said it was the best amp by far in your system. By comparison can you tell us what other amps you've had that it bested? I'm trying to get a point of reference. 
Help with Preamp selection
Nmiller, one of the standard classic entry level interconnects lots of folks recommend are the PBJ model from Kimber. I've never tried them myself however. I have Kimber Hero and they are good. I usually only buy interconnects when I can find a go... 
Help with Preamp selection
Nelson Pass designed Preamps typically don't have power switches anyway so when they're plugged they are "on." But a preamp is just a line stage and doesn't draw enough to even worry about in the slightest. So relax and enjoy the music : )And even... 
Help with Preamp selection
I have a Pass x250.5 AB model and had good results with both my Cary SLP-98 and older Forte F44 preamps. At your budget you may want to consider saving on cable costs and add those later. Adding cables later as a stand-alone change is a great way ... 
Importance of Amplifier versus Preamp?
Preamps tend to screw up a system's sound more so than amps (unless you have a really cheap non-hifi amplifier). You simply can not build a great sounding system without a really nice preamp.If you are building a system from scratch and only have ... 
Pass Labs Xs preamplifier VS. XP-30
I say go with the Xs. Or, you could buy a Toyota 4Runner SUV. Either one. 
Suggestions? Tubed linestage pre-amp??
Cary SLP-98, Aestheix Calypso, BAT VK-30/31/32 models, Conrad-Johnson. 
What does a Hexfred do?
Hexfred? Poor Fred, he didn't understand why the bad witch cast that awful spell on him. 
Best 5 engineered rock albums?
People, best engineered is not the same as best sounding audiophile recording. Record engineering is the creative aspect of making the recording. Sound quality is only part of the equation.I'm not going to put a lot thought into my list because I ... 
what amp under a grand?
A21... smart move. Enjoy. 
Best Tube Based Options For B&W 803S Speakers
"As far as Stereophile goes, I think you'll get a better sounding system doing just the opposite of what they say."Wow, why didn't I think of that? Go exactly the opposite direction. So I presume you're a big fan of Bose maybe?About the Matrix 800...