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What a difference curtains make...WOW
I am now taking time to listen everyday now. I believe I finally have good speaker placement as well. I actually think my system sounds better now than it did before with a subwoofer. I read somewhere (maybe TAS or Stereophile) that the weakest li... 
Ant info on the new KEF Q 900?
I believe you are right. To meet deadlines, I'm sure KEF had to get ads in the channels a bit early. I believe these are going to replace the iQ series. If so, I may a buyer. 
These new POLK LSiM's look tempting
I've always been a fan of the Polks. My RTi28's have served me well for the past 8 years. 
Beatles Remasters on USB Drive and Vinyl
anyone do an A-B comparison of the USB versions to CD versions listening through same DAC, system etc? 
Leaving iTunes in 24/96?
I'm extremely happy with iTunes and after experimenting, I cannot hear a difference thru my Yamaha HS80 studio monitors. Now, my converter is a lower end Presonus, but to be honest I think it does a decent job. 
good stand speakers with good low end
Unfortunately, In a condo, people living below us, a sub is not possible. 
good stand speakers with good low end
I always thought I would get better bang for the buck with stand mound speakers vs lower end floor standing units. I figured more cost associated with larger cabinet. Many lower end floor standers are have same driver configuration as stand mount. 
SONY Blu Ray player as CD transport?
I think I will purchase the SONY and then A/B with my Elite universal player using the analog outs. 
SONY Blu Ray player as CD transport?
I often wonder if some of the outboard DACs are really just hype. I'm sure the higher end Benchmarks, Apogees, etc make a difference. But among the lower priced units, is the positive reaction possibly related to the output levels between the sour... 
SONY Blu Ray player as CD transport?
I read a British review of the entry level s370. They state the audio is very good...but the review was mainly looking at video performance 
Technical Question
THEN.....how much difference would I see (not hear), if any, from the 80 to the 83? Basically, from what I see, the 80 is a same or step up in sound and major step up in video than what I have now. My elite 45-A universal player and elite receiver... 
Technical Question
Thanks for clarifying things. I'm probably going to order the Oppo 80 
Anyone with an Oppo 80? Thoughts?
$500 (Oppo 830 is just out of reach at the moment. The only reason I'm considering the 80 is that I would like to be able to play my SACD's and DVD-A. If I had the space, I would just use the Elite 45-A as my music player and purchase a decent Blu... 
Blu ray with good Redbook specs?
If I hook the player up to my Elite receiver via Optical out, the receiver will do the A/D conversion. So, would I see much of a difference with a less costly Blu Ray player if I was only using the CD portion as a transport? 
Effects of using y-cable from pre outs
The amps I've seen have a "pre-out" in case you wanted to add another external amp. I'm not sure about "jumping". I believe it's a regular "out" that you can control volume with remote and use internal amp at same time.